6 Body language “Secrets” That Make you Look Cool

Posted on Jul 18,2018 in Lifestyle

Gentlemen! Today, I wanted you show you certain body hacks you guys can do to be perceived as a cool guy that everyone wants to be friends with. If that sounds interesting, let’s hop right in!


Having both hands in your pockets makes you the ultimate shy guy. No matter what you do, always have one hands and make hand gestures, this will also make you look more confident and welcoming. People don’t want to talk to people who look shy and don’t want to interact.


Confident people never look submissive, they always keep strong eye contact and make it clear that they’re talking to you, whether it be in a friendly manner or not. Introverts, on the other hand, always look away and never look at you in the eye. However, if you’re shy and this is a bit hard for you, start wearing glasses. Imagine talking to a hot girl and throwing on a pair shades that adds a barrier between her eyes and yours.

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3.Use Your Victory Stance

When you ace a test or when an athlete scores a touchdown, they get super excited that they throw their hands in the air and make themselves as big as possible. You want to do that too and it’s called the victory stance. Obviously you won’t be standing all day with your hands in the air and looking like something’s wrong with you. Instead, stand up straight, keep your legs shoulder width apart, back is strong and straight, and lastly, your hands are you side  or in front of you and you can use them as you talk.

4.Never Use Your Phone As A Safety Net

Everyone knows your phone becuase your shy. As soon as you go on your phone, you become hunched over and unapproachable,trust me, you’re not fooling anyone. Just get off your phone and step out of your comfort zone, start talking to others, don’t be scared.

5.Smile With Intention

Smiling is very important, however too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. If you always smile awkwardly, or smiling all the time, just looks like your ultra submissive. Cool guys are alphas, not betas. As Clint Eastwood says “Don’t always smile, let your presence be enough”Only smile, when you meeting new people or when you genuinely feel happy.

6.Watch Your Tone

If you want others to perceive as cool and confident, your tone needs to reflect that. Don’t have a “up&down” tone that could get annoying and not something someone wants to listen to. Before you speak, take a deep breath and slowly exhale while you speak. It will keep your voice one tone and not spike up and have a voice crack.

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