6 Brands That Are RIPPING YOU OFF!

Posted on Sep 30,2018 in Style

There are so many brands nowadays that are just ripping you off. These brands think they can just spike up their prices because they have a big name for themselves, but it’s all wrong. They essentially trick the consumer into thinking they are getting something of insane quality, and it’s not worth half of what they sell it for. Being that you guys are a part of the TMF family, I would hate to see any of this happen to you. So, here are 6 brands that are just ripping you off.


You guessed it right, Gucci is one of the most hyped brands out right now, but the biggest waste of money for its buyers. Sure, they are innovators and come up with insanely cool ideas and items, so you can’t knock them on creativity. But, they are definitely ripping you off. The quality on some pieces is above what it should, as it should be. But on some pieces, the quality most definitely does not match what you’re paying.


Pacsun gives you some good, trendy items, but it gives it to you at prices you shouldn’t be paying. Look at H&M and Zara for example, they give you exactly what you pay for. Pacsun doesn’t. They give basic quality at an above average price. Sometimes you’ll strike an insane deal at Pacsun, but if your shopping their non-sale items, nine times out of ten, you’re going to get ripped off for the quality that you get. Our Sponsor, The Menlo Club gets rid of this problem.

They sell honestly, and give you the quality items you want at the cheapest prices on the market. They sell a subscription service that gives you clothes every month to your door. They have a Menlo Club package deal just for the TMF squad, its only $30 and you get a free pair of shoes and socks with your purchase. I know you’ll love them, take the chance and pick one up today.

3.Urban Outfitters

The terms “overhyped” and “overpriced” define this company. They sell the most overhyped, overpriced clothing on the market. A simple t shirt can cost you up to $40 here. It won’t fit that well and it’s going to fit differently after a few washes. You need to invest your money smarter when buying clothes. Buy timeless pieces that have a universal usage, something that can be worn with many outfit combinations.

4.Beats by Dre

Its estimated that a pair of Beats by Dre headphones only cost them about $15 to make, but they sell it anywhere from $200-$500! That’s just crazy. They take advantage of their customers. Sure, the sound quality is good, but it’s just wrong that they charge that much for a pair of headphones that aren’t worth more than your dinner.


Coffee is a necessity for most people. So, brands like Starbucks take advantage of the consumer by marking up their prices almost 300% what they pay for their products. Sure, they have consumers who don’t care and will pay whatever for their beloved beverages, but it’s just not right that they take advantage of their buyers like they do. Buying your own coffee maker is cheaper and easier, especially in the stressful mornings.


This brand literally takes everyday items and slaps their log on it and thinks they can charge an insane price for it. They do this successfully, it’s just a complete rip off. They sell a tote bag that looks identical to an IKEA tote bag, but charge over $2,000 for it. It’s insane! So, be mindful of what you invest in and watch out for companies that just want to get their hands in your pockets.