6 Celebrity Style Hacks ALL Men Should Do

Posted on Feb 05,2019 in Style

Celebrities always have the best of the best styles. They leave us just watching and hoping one day we can dress just like them. Well, today I am going to help you achieve just that. Here are 6 celebrity hacks that all men should do. I promise these hacks are guaranteed to increase your style. You will look like a celebrity in no time! Keep reading.


The idea that I want you to steal from Drake is his versatility. This man can wear a turtle neck one day and throw on a sweat suit the next day and pull it off. All you have to do is widen your style potential and go out of your comfort zone. Wear things like turtle necks and impress the crowd. Trust me, people will notice.

2.Ryan Gosling

Ryan is one of those guys that is always dressing with purpose. But the idea I want you to take from him is his necklace game. He is always implementing accessories, such as necklaces, within his outfits. To be honest with you guys, most of the non-educated men out there wouldn’t think about implementing a necklace within their outfit. Be like Ryan Gosling and throw on some accessories.

3.David Gandy

This guy is just a fashion icon. He truly dresses with intent. The idea I want you guys to note about David is his perfection. He is always dressing with crisp tailoring and clean cuts. IF you want to dress as though you have no flaws within your outfit, you need KK&J Shirt Stays.

These bad boys will keep your dress shirt from untucking and getting wrinkled. If you haven’t heard of Shirt Stays before, go check out KK&J. Also, use code “TMF20” for a special discount. These are truly a secret weapon all guys should have in their closet, I know I do!

4.ASAP Rocky

The idea I want you guys to take from ASAP Rocky is how he sets runway trends. He is truly the icon that big name brands look at to steal his look. He is creative and that is why he has a huge effect on the fashion industry. So, just be creative and copy what he is doing but put your twist on it.

5.Ryan Reynolds

Just like Ryan Gosling is notorious for his necklace game, Ryan Reynolds is notorious for his eyewear game. He always finds a way to implement amazing eyewear into his outfits to advance his looks and overall aesthetic. So, if you haven’t thought about doing this already, start implementing eyewear to your advantage.

6.David Beckham

This guy is just an MVP. He is getting old, but he still manages to give off that bad boy vibe. He dressed rugged, but it suits his look very well. If you want to pull this off, you need to dress as though it’s just easy for you to look as good as you do. Be rugged and have some facial hair. You got this boys.