6 HACKS to Get Your Crush to INSTANTLY Like You

Posted on Dec 20,2017 in Relationship

There’s nothing like being in love, or at least thinking that you’re in love. I know the feeling, you have a crush, you’re in love with them, you want to be with them but you’re too scared to say something. Well today, I’m going to make that easy for you.


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You probably have social media, which you can use to get your crush to notice you. If you want to get her interest, you need to look as attractive as possible in your pictures. From my experience, a picture with good, direct sunlight can make any guy look sexier. It brightens up your face, it gives you a natural beautiful glow and it makes your teeth look whiter!


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People find you more attractive when you’re surrounded by other people. Post pictures with you’re friends, when you’re out having a good time so it’s not just selfies of you. Then when sees you, she’s automatically going to be more attracted because you seem like a popular, cool, fun guy that’s she’s going to love to be with.


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If you have a lean body, wear clothing that shows this off. This is the male equivalent of “thirst trapping”. It’s easy, it doesn’t take that much style. Grab a great t-shirt that fits right, like our ESTNLS tee. However, if you can’t get your hands on a perfect t-shirt,  then a plain tee from H&M will do. All these shirts that contour your body do a great job of showing off your physique and spark her interest. You can also wear a bracelet or a watch to make your forearms look bigger. When your arms have something tight around the wrist, it tends to make your veins pop and look more muscular.

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Out of all 6 tips, this one is going to take some….”juevos”. But just grow a pair and give your crush a compliment. This is the easiest way to make them feel good for themselves and associate that good feeling with the person that gave them the compliment. Which is you…which mean that’s good. Although it’s nice to compliment someone’s appearance, women love it so much more if you compliment their choices (hairstyle,clothes,shoes) rather than something they were given (eyes, height, body shape). For example, it would sound better if you told a woman “I love your outfit” rather than “Wow..you’re hot”


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People in school, offices, public assemblies, etc. always rush to the back row because they feel insecure. That fear of being noticed, instantly reflects on your lack of confidence. Break the norm! Sit in the first row and show your extreme confidence. This will help two things, you’re going to work on that fear and over come it. In addition, you’re crush is going to notice you and be like “Damn..this guy has juevos!”


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A white smile is super attractive to your crush and like I’ve said before, it shows good personal hygiene. When someone has a nice smile, it shows that person that you take care of yourself. No girl wants to be seen with a man who has yellow and dirty teeth. Don’t be that guy. Keep those pearly whites in top notch shape.



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