6 INSANE T-Shirt Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Posted on Jul 05,2018 in Style

Gentlemen! It’s summer, which means you’re going to wearing t-shirt a lot more now. However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be sacrificing style and just giving up. That’s why today I’m going to be giving you 6 style hacks that you could do with your t-shirt. Let’s begin!

1.It Needs To Fit Perfectly

In reality, most t-shirts don’t…but the area you most want to focus on is the arms. If it doesn’t fit well around the arms, it won’t make you look sexy. If you have a shirt that’s a bit loose around the arms, simply just roll up your sleeves. It will give you the right bicep/tricep exposure you’re looking for!

2.Spice It Up With Jewelry

There’s going to be days, where you want to be more than just basic. Easy! Just throw on some jewelry to mix things up. Just a simple tee with some stylish accessories from RoseGold&Black can turn your outfit from normal to sexy in seconds!

Having a wide variety of accessories makes your outfit stand apart easier, and with RoseGold&Black, they make it even easier! Just due to the fact that everything they make look stylish. Their necklaces and bracelets fit and work with almost any guy. Everything has a masculine aesthetic so guys don’t feel too flamboyant when wearing this jewelry.

On top of that, they keep updating their site with new products to make sure you re-vamp your collection and stay stylish. In conclusion, if you walk around with a naked wrist and need something to set you apart, click on this LINK and it’ll take you to our exclusive site with a discount code implemented into it. So do yourself a favor and accessorize!

3.The Ninja Fold

Sooo…. I own the best T-Shirt company in the world, needless to say, I own a crapload of t-shirts. That being said, I also fold a lot of shirts as well and I was tired of taking 45 seconds to fold one shirt the traditional way. Now that I found the ninja fold, I’m never going back to the old way. All you have to do is:

-Lay the shirt flat on the floor

-Pinch it from 3 points on the same vertical line

-Flip and Fold and you’re good to go!

4.Un-Shrinking Your T-Shirt

Just to put it out there, this would never be a problem with our ESNTL tee. Due to it’s bamboo-cotton blend, you should never worry about shrinking. This is something you’ll never find with J.Crew, UNIQLO, H&M or Zara t-shirts. After 2-3 washes, they’re just not the same shirt they were before. You can’t look sexy in a t-shirt if it looks like you borrowed it from your sister! However if you don’t wear ESNTL tees, which I don’t know why you wouldn’t and want to un-shrink your shirt. Place lukewarm water in a bowl and add a tablespoon of conditioner, put the clothes in there and let sit for 30 minutes. Just like that, it will stretch back to it’s original shape.

5.Dress It Up With A Suit

Just becuase it’s a t-shirt, doesn’t mean you can’t dress to kill. If you have a perfect fitting t-shirt and you want to one-up it, match it up with a suit. In order for this to look good, both of these pieces need to fit perfect. Secondly, tuck in your t-shirt, to prevent yourself from looking sloppy.

6. Avoid Logos

Let the fit do the talking, not the logo. While logos could look cool here or there, they won’t make you any more attractive.  You’re not a walking billboard, so keep it that way.