6 Jewelry Hacks Men Should Know

Posted on Apr 16,2018 in Style


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The more your jewelry shines, the more expensive it looks. Whether it’s gold or silver, you can use common household items to make them shinier. Put some vodka, club soda or vinegar on a microfiber cloth and keep scrubbing until you get that natural shine of those metals.


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If you really like the design and aesthetic of the Rolex Submariner but can’t afford that $8,000-$20,000 price tag. Buy yourself an Invicta and a fraction of the cost. This is a brand that takes inspiration from the Rolex designs and pays homage by creating a very similar model. Keep in mind, you’re obviously not getting the same quality, just the same aesthetic that you’re looking for. Do not confuse this for replica, this is no way trying to fool you, they have different logos, so you know that this is a homage piece and not a fake.


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Wearing a well-fitting bracelet gives the appearance of a shorter forearm so they don’t look like twigs, instead it makes them look more beefy and muscular. This is why I love RoseGold&BlackRoseGold&Black, all of their bracelets are adjustable and fits perfect on anyone. Take their new black and silver bracelet for example…

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It’s a leather braided bracelet that they just released due to popular demand, but the secret is that it has three levels of adjustments (small, medium, large). So, no matter what what’s your wrist size, it will always fit you perfectly.

This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Either you get “One Size Fits All” or you have to figure out what’s your size and hope that it fits, because the last thing you want is to have a bracelet that’s either too big or too small. If you’ve never checked out RoseGold&Black, I highly suggest you do. On top of that , I have a special link to my exclusive page with my favorite pieces. So just pick up something that you like and there’s going to be a discount waiting for you at checkout. Just click “here” 😀


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In case you didn’t know, there’s 3 fluids that you ruin your jewelry, ocean water, sweat, and any type of fragrance. So for ultra longevity, wipe down your jewelry with a disinfecting wipe every night when you take them off.


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Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to put on a necklace and find out it’s tangled? Whenever I clutter my jewelry, a lot of my necklaces gets tangled up and it’s almost impossible to get them back to normal. Not unless, you use baby powder or baby oil. Just apply some to the area where it’s knotted and slowly start untangling. You’ll see the difference and how easy it is to un-do it.


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This brings me to my second point and it’s how to avoid knots in the future. Just slip your chain in a straw and that’s going to prevent any chances of your chain getting tangled the future.