6 Obvious Signs Your Crush Likes You!

Posted on Mar 25,2019 in Lifestyle

Guys, some of us just don’t know how to pick up any sort of sign that a girl gives us. A girl could be flirting with us and we’ll just be super oblivious that she is. Guys tend to misread many situations. But, I am here to save the day once again. At the end of the day I want you guys to get the girl of your dreams, and I am going to bring you one step closer to doing this in today’s article. Here are 6 obvious signs that your crush likes you!

1.She Stalks You on Social Media

If you ever catch your crush accidentally liking one of your pictures from 2013, she likes you. There is no way around it. The best way to know if she is stalking your social media account is if she doesn’t like or comment on your photos, but she is always checking out your stories. Girls act this way because they want you to think they don’t like you, but they really do!

2.She Gives You the Shy Look

If you ever catch your crush looking at you and then looking away when you make eye contact, she likes you. But, you could give her something even better to look at if you get dressed by The Menlo Club. This service mails you an outfit every month that will instantly make you more stylish and appealing to your crush.

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3.You See Her More Often

If you ever notice that you see your crush a lot more than usual, she likes you. Nowadays there is the Snapchat tracker where you can actually see where people are. Also, girls will even go to the extent to asking your friends what you are up to so they know where to run into you. They do all of this just so you notice them! So, shoot your shot!

4.Look At Her Pupils

When you talk to your crush, notice her eyes. If they get dilated and her pupils get really big, she likes you. Your pupils tend to grow when you see something you like, so if this is the case, you might as well ask her out right then and there. What are you waiting for?

5.Feel Out The Energy

Before you indulge too deep into your feelings, make sure she likes you back. The best way to do this is by feeling out the vibe between you two. Go up to her and start a conversation; flirt around with her. If you notice that she is flirting back, she likes you. If not, then she probably doesn’t and you should take the loss and move on.

6.Observe Her Body Language

Guys always misread a girl’s body language, it’s just one of those things dudes struggle with. So, next time you are talking to your crush notice her body language. A few signs that she likes you is if she has her body open and vulnerable to you, she is facing you, and she is a little shy or nervous. Also, if she is playing with her hair, she likes you! Now go seal the deal and take her out on a date.


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