6 Phone Rules You Shouldn’t Break

Posted on Nov 05,2018 in Lifestyle

Guys, we use our phone all the time. It’s practically glued to our hands, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. On top of this, we use our phone so much, but most of us don’t know the key rules you should never break involving your phone. Well guys, here are the 6 phone rules you should never break. Take notes boys, this one’s important.

1.Never Use Your Phone On A Date

You guys know this, it’s simply educate. So many guys will go on a date, and just whip out their phone if the conversation is at a dry point. Don’t do this, especially if it’s a first date. This will immediately turn the girl off that you had the opportunity to impress. Guys, dates are never perfect and most of us do experience awkward moments when we’re on a date, especially if it is our first with a specific girl. When this happens, just find a way around it by discussing topics you haven’t already discussed. It’s not that hard, just don’t take out your phone.

2.Don’t Text First

Never be the guy that always texts first. Of course, you’re the guy. You’re going to have to ask for her number, and you’re going to have to ask her on a date, but this doesn’t mean you have to always text her first. Don’t give a girl all of your attention from the start, this will make her look at you as super desperate and you have nothing going for you. Instead, let them work a little bit and let them text you first.

3.Protect Your Device

Whenever you aren’t using your Wi-Fi and you’re connected to someone else’s, always protect your device. When you’re on another Wi-Fi port or you’re on an unsecure network, all of your data can actually be traced. It can be traced by hackers, the government, etc. This is just scary. This is why I always use a VPN service when I’m not on my own Wi-Fi. Our sponsor, Express VPN, has you covered!

This is a simple app and all you do is go onto it and click one button and your automatically undetectable, it’s crazy how amazing this service is. They are literally the best VPN in the industry. On top of this, they have 24/7 customer service! Using Express VPN will guarantee your internet privacy and safety. Use our special link to find out how you can use their service for FREE for three months! Go check them out now!

4.Never Use Your Phone As A Safety Net

So many people do this, but you shouldn’t. Whether you’re in a party or a social event and you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll automatically just pull out your phone and use it so you look busy, when you’re just trying to hide. Don’t do this, it’s not what a real man does. You are a confident stud, you shouldn’t be awkward, but instead branch out and be a social butterfly. Confront the situation and grow your abilities.

5.Hunching Over Your Phone

This is terrible for your neck, especially in the long term. So many young people nowadays will go on their phone and hunch over it. Not only does this put a strain on your neck and upper back, but it also just isn’t healthy. As years go on, you’re going to notice how bad your neck hurts because of this. So, if you are a victim of this, stop doing it. It will help you out and you won’t have the pains you would’ve had years down the road.

6.Using Your Phone To Procrastinate

Procrastinating is the worst thing you could ever do, especially when you have tasks that you need to finish! Procrastination isn’t just associated with homework, it’s also associated with sleep, school in general, work, etc. So, when you get stressed don’t gravitate to your phone. Procrastinating never ends well. If you have a task you need to finish, then finish it. Go on your phone after you finished everything you need to do.


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