6 POPULAR Watch Trends for 2018

Posted on Jan 05,2018 in Style

If you know me, you know I love watches. I have an immense collection of watches, but one thing I have been noticing is that there a lot of trends regarding watches that are becoming more and more popular. Today, I want to get into the top 6 watch trends and definitely invest in, if you want to have a stylish wrist.


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I think the most aesthetic part of it is the complications and just the busy dial itself. It makes the watch look more expensive. If you want the OG, or the must-need chronograph to have, it’s the Speedmaster Professional by Omega. But the only downside is, it’s like 4.5K, so it’s not realistic for the average guy. Which is why I love fashion watches. Vincero has their own chronograph model and I absolutely love it. They’re affordable watches that easily looks like a $600 watch and you’re only spending $100!


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Not only major establishment brands are doing it like Panerai, Omega, Bell&Ross but fashion watches are hopping onto the trend as well. Vincero just dropped an all matte black chronograph model, it is so freakin’ sexy! Vincero watches are definitely unique, they bring that class and elegance from that high-end aesthetic with that affordable price. Of course, we do have a discount, all you have to do is click “here“.


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You can buy a vintage Rolex, that’s 30 or 40 years old and save yourself thousands of what it originally cost and you would still get that Rolex craftmanship. In addition, that watch could still last you another 10 to 20 years.


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I’m not saying this should be your one and only watch, but it is a good watch to have in your collection. The functionality is great and it’s extremely popular right now. From the last statistics Apple released, they’re the #1 selling watch company, surpassing Rolex. So it’s hard to argue that it’s not a trend or it’s not popular.


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Everyone from fashion to high end brands are doing it. They going towards something less cluttered and complicated. This is the one that can be your only watch. These watches go with every outfit. Of course, a great option is Nomos, but it’s gonna run you a couple thousand. On the other hand, Vincero has you covered, they also have a line of simple and minimal watches.


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Watch guys hate fashion watches. I definitely understand when they’re coming from. But I personally love them. Don’t get me wrong, I have the high-end stuff and I know the quality behind it. But at those prices, they just can’t compete with fashion watches. Like I was saying, I’m not telling you that you should or should not invest in fashion watches but it is something that is most certainly trending.