6 Scientifically Proven Ways to ATTRACT More Women

Posted on Jan 16,2018 in Lifestyle

If you’re trying to attract women, cheesy one-liners and pick-up lines aren’t your best wingman. You know what is? Science. So today, I’m going to show you 6 scientifically   backed tactics that will make women go crazy over you.


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Take her on a nice date, buy her a slice of pizza, do whatever you want but feed her. As weird as that sounds, feeding the girl food, increases inter-personal closeness between the two of you. This comes from a study that proved if you feed your significant other it somehow relates to how parents fed us when we were babies and triggers that same feeling. Weird right? But it works.


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All in all, facial hair is seen as a sign of maturity and masculinity. Having a nice beard, can help you land a date. Women judge guys with heavy stubble to be the most attractive rather than a full beard, clean shaven or even light stubble.


Scientifically and sadly,  there is a little bit of truth to that. There was a study that showed a guy next to a Bentley to be more attractive than a guy next to a Ford Fiesta.  In conclusion, positioning yourself as high status, makes you look more attractive. But that’s the key, you have to present it, not actually be it. Women see this as security, and all women want is security in their long-term relationship. The way you do that? By what you wear. If you want to flex on a budget, I highly suggest Menlo Club, formally known as FiveFour Club. This is a subscription box that deliver stylish clothes to you every month.

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Unlike many subscriptions, you can shop on their website without actually being a member. You can try it out and see if you like it, if you do , you can sign up for the club and they’ll send you a curated box to your door every month. The cool part? There’s no commitment, you can cancel any time. Right now, they are having a crazy deal, instead of paying $60 for your first box, you’ll get it for only $30 full of stylish clothing and a free pair of sunglasses! All you have to do is use code “TMF”


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A study showed that eating fruits and vegetables, makes your skin so much more attractive. They contain large amounts of pigments and antioxidants, which are essential for your skin to have that natural, healthy glow. The study also showed results after one day! One participant ate a full serving of fruits and vegetables and the next day, his skin was seen as more attractive. Now, imagine you did this on a daily basis.


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All women want is a man who looks healthy, that will pass on strong genes to their offspring and someone that is going to make them feel protected. It’s simple, pick up some fresh gear from Grand AC and go to to the gym.


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I read a study that said when women see a man walking or playing with a dog, it makes them so much more attractive. Quick side-note, their a huge responsibility, so don’t just get a dog to pick up women.

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