6 Secrets to Dressing Well (No One Tells You About)

Posted on Mar 19,2018 in Style


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There’s two ways you can go about this. Magnetic collar stays are a good option or you can wear something tacky like fashion anchors. All in all, these are a must, you want your collars to stay in place when you throw on a suit jacket, so you always look on point.


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This is something most men won’t know unless they’re an actual connoisseur. One of the most annoying things is when you’re all dressed up and as the day goes on, you’re shirt slowly get untucked. Well, I have a solution to your problem and it’s shirt stays. The one that I personally use is from a company called KK&J. I know the feeling, first thing in the morning you tuck your shirt in and you feel amazing, luckily with shirt stays you get to keep that feeling all day long.

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A new feature that KK&J just released is a shirt stays that doesn’t require socks. Traditionally, shirt stays would connect with your sock, however now you can rock loafers with no-show socks and still have your shirt tucked in all day. If you guys want to check these out, which I highly recommend you do, click on this link and type in “TMF20” for a special discount.


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This reason behind this, is when you put on a jacket or something that you don’t wash as often, you most likely applied cologne to it before. Unless you only wear ONE cologne, it probably has some residue from the last cologne you had on. At that point, you’re going to have a mixture of different colognes that probably doesn’t smell as attractive.

When you apply to the skin, you’re cologne won’t be as potent, so you won’t give people a headache. Secondly, it won’t infuse your jacket and create a collection of colognes on it. I also have noticed, that when you wear your cologne closer to your body, it sort of draws people in and when you’re talking to females, that’s exactly what you want.


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Let’s be honest, you don’t want a wrinkly shirt and ironing it would be a such a hassle. Just pick yourself up a steamer and whenevr you’re getting ready in the morning, quickly steam your clothing to get rid of any sort of wrinkle.


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If you look through my Instagram or lookbooks, I’m usually always cuffing my jeans, it instantly tapers your jeans nicely and it removes any type of scrunching that can happen at the bottom. It also really highlights any shoe or sneaker that you’re wearing.


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Most of the times, you tie your shoes tightly in the morning and by the end of the day, they feel lose. That’s because you’ve been tying them wrong. Instead of going over with you laces, go under with the bunny ears, if you tie your shoes vertically, the knot will become tighter and tighter when go about your day.