6 Sneaker Tricks All Guys Should Know

Posted on Feb 12,2019 in Style

Before we hop into the topic of sneakers I just wanted to let you guys know that our sunglass company, Jade Black, is up and running! At Jade Black, we are producing the best of the best sunglasses, for only $49 a pair!

They are polarized, they are sleek and modern, and they are made with the most premium materials. Go check out Jade Black today and buy a few pairs! Now let’s get into sneaker talk. Sneakers are an essential to your everyday life. However, the action of wearing sneakers could be so much more stylish. Well, I am going to help you guys out and give you 6 sneaker tricks that you need to know!

1.How to Tie Your Sneakers the Right Way

If you are the guy who just wants to rock the classic bunny ear knot, then be my guest. But, I love to tie my sneakers with the deadstock knot. This style of knot is when you tie the laces back to the same way they came when they were new. This knot allows you to slip your shoes on and off super easily. Also, it’s a knot that stays! It won’t come undone out of nowhere like the bunny ear knot.

2,How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Well, this trick is actually super easy. All you need to buy is waterproof spray. Spray your shoes with this stuff, and your sneaker are now water resistant. You will no longer have to worry about getting anything spilt on your brand-new shoes! I love this hack, because it is affordable and makes you not worry about getting your expensive shoes dirty.

3.How to Dress Up Your Sneakers

I love to dress up my sneakers with either a suit or dressy clothes. There is just something about doing this, that sets you apart from everyone else. In order to do this properly, you need to have the right mindset. I wore athletic trainers with my black suit and it looked great, so I rolled with it. Do the same and have the same mentality, but make sure your sneakers are clean! That is one of the rules you need to keep in mind with this trick. Also, try pairing a pair of our Jade Black sunglasses with a beautiful pair of sneakers. That is a guaranteed show stopper.

4.How to Properly Pair Pants with Sneakers

Your pants can either benefit the sneakers you have on or totally ruin them. If you are someone who like baggy pants with big leg holes, this tip is for you. First, you need to make that leg hole smaller. So, you are going to need to give your pants a pin roll. To do this, you need to grab your excess fabric at the bottom of your pants and fold it up twice. This will ensure the fold won’t come apart, and your pants will no longer be taking away from your amazing sneakers.

5.How to Know What Sneakers Can Be Dressed Up

As I previously mentioned, sneakers can be dressed up pretty easily. However, you need to know exactly what sneakers you can do this with. For example, you need sneakers that are pretty simple and aren’t too over the top. I like to wear either Jordan 1’s, Common Projects, or any other sneaker with a simple silhouette. That’s all you got to do with this trick.

8.How to Match Sneakers Correctly

I see so many different people buying super colorful sneakers, and then matching them with the rest of their outfit. This doesn’t just look crazy, but it is super unstylish. If you have a pair of sneakers that is a little colorful, you don’t need to match those colors with the rest of your outfit. Instead, wear neutral colors such as black and white to offset the look of your colorful sneakers. This is the proper way to style your sneakers.