6 T-Shirt styles every man needs to own

Posted on Dec 05,2018 in Style

There are so many different tee shirt styles out there, which means there are so many different outfit combinations you can come up with. T shirts are essential pieces of clothing. They are timeless, comfortable, and overall super stylish if worn correctly. Here are 6 t-shirt styles every man needs to own.

1.The Crew Neck

This is the basic looking t-shirt. It is essential to have at least one white and one black crew neck so you can be prepared for different occasions. The crew neck you should be wearing is ours from ESNTLS. Our crew necks capture your arms and make them look bigger, and they also make your chest pop out and look much more built. We designed our crew neck t shirts to make you look like a million bucks. On a side note, the crew neck is just the basic style of a tee shirt. It always works with whatever pants you wear, that’s why the crew neck is so timeless.

2.The Henley Tee

This style of t-shirt has to be my favorite. The Henley tee is a newer style and has recently become super in demand and popular. The Henley tee gives you the option to show off a little chest, which women love. I promise you, if you wear an ESNTLS Henley tee and let a little bit of your chest show, you’ll have your crush talking to you in seconds. This style shirt is definitely one to have multiple of. These shirts work miracles due to their versatility and sexiness.

3.The Tank Top

This is definitely an amazing style t shirt to have, because it exposes your body. If you have a good athletic build, a tank top will make you look irresistible to women. It allows your arms to be fully visible along with your shoulders, and women love when they see guys with a good body. You have to be smart while wearing these though. Wear tank tops in the right situations like at the beach or on a hot day. I know this is a lot to take note of and you might not have every t shirt mentioned, this is a good place to introduce Shoptagr.

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4.The Sleeveless T-Shirt

This is a variation of the tank top, but a little more socially accepted. Imagine a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, that’s all this is. This shirt exposes less skin than a tank top. These shirts look best if you have some sort of muscle definition. If you are still working on that, I’d stay away from this style of shirt. However, when you get to the point where you can rock one of these, you’ll look amazing in it!

5.The V-Neck

This style t-shirt is an essential, there is no question. The V-neck is one of the sexiest shirts out there. It allows you to show off a perfect amount of chest, and they also amplify your arm and chest muscles. Women love V-necks. Our ESNTLS V-neck shirts are the best in the game, just saying.

6.The Long Sleeve

The cool thing about long sleeves, is that they amplify your body mass look. If you are a skinnier guy, they will actually make you look bigger. If you are a built guy, it will expose your definition even more. All in all, it’s one of the best shirt designs ever made. Also, it’s getting cold outside so odds are you should be wearing long sleeves rather than crew necks this time of year. Our ESNTLS long sleeves are game changing as well as our other models, if you haven’t already checked out our online store, you should do that now.