6 Things ANY GUY Can Do To Look HOT

Posted on Sep 10,2018 in Lifestyle

There’s a huge difference from just being good looking & attractive and looking HOT! Anyone can be “good looking” but being hot comes with sexual connotation and makes you irresistible.  Do you want to be that irresistible chick magnet and become more confident? Here are 6 tips you can do to achieve this.




First and foremost, you must have a nice and low speaking voice.  This signals to woman that you are mature, well manured, and boosted with testosterone, showing off your manly attributes. Don’t fake having a deep voice all the time, that will just come off as weird. Just balance out your vocals to avoid those embarrassing high-pitched moments and slurring of speech when talking to women. So, whatever your natural voice is, just project it a little bit louder, so its easily heard. Also, whenever you are going to start a new sentence, take a breathe so you can easily project your voice, naturally.


2.Dress The Part


You need to avoid the “boyish” trends and dress smarter. Wear pieces that make you look as though you are self-made, driven, and powerful. Women always find this hot, rather than just average and good looking. Whether you choose to wear a suit or jeans and a dress shirt, you must always have a beautiful watch to balance your outfit. Lucky for you we have partnered with Vincero Watches, where you will be getting one of the most quality watches for a very reasonable price point.

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3.Boost Your Testosterone, Naturally



If captured correctly, your testosterone can provide you with that manly, hot edge that women absolutely love. Women have an innate power in “smelling” your testosterone which makes them become immediately attracted to you if you capture it correctly. In order to increase your testosterone naturally, you must exercise. Running and lifting weights is an easy and free way to ensure you have high levels of testosterone flowing throughout your body at all times. Also, you must have a healthy and balanced diet, as well as reducing your stress and getting enough sleep every night. These practices will ensure you have an edge up on the guy sitting next to you.


4.Strong Eye Contact


The most important thing you can add to a conversation is strong eye contact. Without being creepy, you want to have piercing eye contact. This makes the female you are talking to feel like she’s the only girl in the world you have your eyes on. This will make her nervous and give her butterfly’s, which can be translated to an increased sexual attraction to you.

5.Facial Hair



This doesn’t just make you look good, it also makes you look more mature. Females love a mature, driven man. The shadows a light beard provide will set you apart from the other men who just look like they’ve had too much time in front of their television. So, to say it easily, a beard can ensure an immediate attraction to a female.

6.Be Great With Kids & Pets

This tip is actually quite simple. If you can show that you have a soft, parental side to you, it will immediately show women that they will feel safe in all areas of life with you. Women are always looking for specific traits in men to see how good of a partner they will be in the future, this tip will ensure that you have a great shot with that girl you’ve always dreamed about. To conclude, it also shows that you can be trusted taking care of another life, which shows women that you can be trusted and that you are mature.


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