6 Things NO ONE Ever Told You About Skin Care

Posted on Sep 12,2018 in Grooming

Your face is the first thing a female notices when you are having an interaction with them. They will then decide whether or not you qualify as attractive or not. Because you are a part of the TMF team, you already know the best way to keep your face looking fresh and nourished is to take care of your skin. Over the course of our videos you’ve been taught a lot about how to essentially look the best you can, but here are 6 things no one ever told you about skin care.

1.Sleep Effects Your Skin

Most men sleep on their side or on their stomach, which puts unnecessary pressure on your face. Over the course of your life you will find that this will lead to a quicker aging process, along with uneven complexion throughout your skin. An easy way to fix this and have the best facial skin possible is to sleep on your back with your head facing up. You might snore a little bit, but if you can slow down your aging process, it’s all worth it.

2.Heat Amplifies Your Skin Care Routine

This can be somewhat hard to wrap your head around, but if you apply heat directly to your face during your skin care routine, it will actually cause the products you’re using to react more powerful. This will ultimately cause your products to fight off more toxins and unwanted blemishes on your face. I’m all about helping my TMF family, and lucky for you we have partnered with Vanity Planet, who offer an incredible facial wand that not only applies heat to your face, but also shrinks pores, helps reduce red spots and puffiness, while soothing your skin. Make sure to use our exclusive code “JOSE70” when checking out to get 70% off of this amazing product. This product will make you look younger, more professional, and it’s something you must have in your bathroom.

3.“Squeaky Clean” Isn’t Good

When your face is squeaky clean you have stripped your face of all of the natural oils in your face. This will cause your face to become dull and you will be prone to getting premature wrinkles. A good way to tell you have a good facial cleanser is to look at the amount of suds that it produces. A cleanser that produces a small amount of suds means it will strip less of your natural oils, and more means it could potentially be clearing your skin up, but leaving it cracked and dull over time. So, test the market and see what works for you and your skin type the best.

4.Drinking Water Doesn’t Hydrate Your Skin, At Least Fully

Although drinking water is super important to get rid of the toxins inside your body, it won’t necessarily hydrate your skin like you think. Your skin gets hydrated based on external factors, rather than internal factors. Depending on what climate you live in, your skin will either become naturally dry or naturally oily. For example, if you live in a humid place your skin will hold much more oils than if you lived somewhere opposite. You simply need to get a matte moisturizer to balance out the climate to your skin type.

5.Acne Can Happen At Any Age

Its commonly know that within your teenage years you are much more prone to getting breakouts due to your hormonal changes, but even in your adult years you can struggle with acne. This can be caused by a variety of different factors such as improper skin care, stress, fatigue, etc. If you are within your adult years and you get a breakout out of nowhere, you need to analyze your life and figure out a solution to whatever is causing that.

6.Sunscreen Is Important

Daily commutes can cause the left side of your face to become unevenly dry with your right-side due to the position that you drive in. A good way to take care of this is with a daily moisturizer that has SPF in it. Also, tinting your windows will help as well. These tips will ensure an even oil balance of your facial skin and prevent uneven dryness.


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