6 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

Posted on Oct 03,2017 in Lifestyle

Wiping Your Butt

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You probably thought that this was the one thing in your life that you were doing right…you’re not. If you are not using wet wipes to wipe your butt then you’re doing it wrong. If you are only using dry toilet paper then you’re probably leaving some residue.  So, dude, start using wet wipes.

Brushing Your Teeth

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I should start off by saying that you are probably using way too much toothpaste; believe it or not, you only need a little bit (pea-sized to be precise). Another thing you probably do wrong is rinsing immediately after brushing your teeth. Don’t do that, all that does is dilute the fluoride that makes your teeth stronger and healthier.

Too Many Strokes…When It Comes To Shaving

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According to a study, most guys usually use about 170 strokes while shaving. The worst part is that about 120 of those strokes are over areas that they had already covered. When this happens it’s over areas that don’t have any shaving cream left, this causes that annoying irritation after shaving. Make sure that you avoid doubling back on areas that you have already shaved.

Tying Your Shoes

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Sorry, but I have to burst your bubble again. The reality is that you are probably tying your shoes wrong. We tend to ties our shoes in the way where the laces lay almost completely vertically, this makes the lace become looser every time you take a step. The solution to this problem is to make sure the lace lays horizontally when you are tying your shoe

We all tend to tie our shoes in a way that lays the laces almost vertically. You have to tie them in a way where the lace lies horizontally.  When you are tying your shoelace make sure you are going under instead of over. It will make your laces get tighter as you walk so they won’t become undone.

Using Your Phone

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If you hunch over your phone…you’re using your phone wrong. Hunching over your phone puts a lot of pressure on your spine, which causes both long and short-term damage to your spine. Make sure you are standing up straight the next time you check your phone.

Stop putting your phone directly in for of your face! This is going to wreak havoc on your eyesight, make sure your phone is at least a foot away from your face.


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