6 Things You Should Never Wear To The Gym

Posted on Jan 23,2019 in Fitness Style

The purpose of going to the gym is to get in shape, right? So, why does it even matter
what you wear to the gym? Well, there are somethings that will actually hinder your productivity and your overall workouts. I have seen so many guys go to the gym with the wrong equipment and gear and it just makes it harder for them to reach their fullest potential in the gym. So, here are 6 things you should never wear to the gym.

1.) Jeans

I go to the gym every morning around 5am and I can’t tell you how many times I see
guys working out in jeans. I don’t know why they do this, but it is just super unproductive. Jeans are very stiff and they don’t allow you to get in proper form when lifting. Also, if you try to do any cardio while wearing jeans, it just won’t end up well. So, moral of the story, do not wear jeans to the gym. It is that simple.

2.) Anything Cotton

The thing about cotton is, when you sweat, the cotton tends to absorb it and this will
lead to skin rashes and irritation if you wear it for too long. When you go to the gym, you need to wear breathable, stretchy clothing like the gear from our sponsor Grand AC.

Grand AC provides you with breathable clothing that is also functional, with zipper pockets and other neat specs. If you don’t already know, Grand AC is a part of the subscription company, The Menlo Club.

I absolutely love this company because they will send you monthly boxes that will get you perfectly dressed. You can shop many of their brands, such as, Grand AC, Five Four, and New Republic on their site. Go check out The Menlo Club, because they are running a deal where you can get a Full Grand AC Outfit for only $60!

3.) Crocs or Slides

Wearing any sort of sandal, slide, or croc to the gym is just a bad and unsafe idea. You
are leaving your feet prone to weights falling on them and you have no ankle support whatsoever. I have literally seen guys doing deadlifts with slides. They are asking for a twisted ankle at that point. So, stay protected and only wear athletic shoes designed for exercise, so you are properly protected and can work out at your fullest potential.

4.) Work Clothes

Guys, this is just nasty. Guys who wear their work uniforms to the gym need to stop
doing this. They will end up sweating all over their work clothes, and then going into work smelling terrible. Not only will these clothes prevent them from working out at their fullest capabilities, but it will make other coworkers want to avoid them because they stink. Stick to what I said previously, and wear clothes that are breathable, like the clothes from Grand AC.

5.) Axe Spray

I really don’t have to write much on this. But if you ever go into the men’s locker room
at the gym, all you will smell is cheap Axe spray. This smell isn’t something that women like. If you are going to use any form of body spray, make sure it doesn’t smell like cheap garbage. Instead, get a body spray that will actually make you smell good!

6.) Jewelry

Wearing jewelry to the gym is just a hazard. Whether you are wearing rings, necklaces,
bracelets, or anything else, you are prone to getting these pieces of jewelry caught on certain things and seriously hurting yourself. Also, with all of the equipment in the gym, you never know when one of your jewelry pieces will get caught on something and break. So, its better off leaving those items off when working out.

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