6 Tricks to Be MORE Handsome

Posted on Mar 11,2018 in Lifestyle


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      Remember, you can’t be something you don’t posses. Trust me, the first step to being handsome or being perceived that way, it’s a mindset. Once you start believing in your self, you will then develop a self-care routine to emphasize your “handsome-ness”.


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      Most of guys have an “alpha male” gene that tells us that we’re invincible and nothing could hurt us. In reality, that’s all in your head. The sun can damage your skin, don’t forget to apply some sort of SPF to protect yourself and in the long run, prevent aging pre-maturely. What I like to do is use an AM moisturizer that has SPF built in to it…it’s a 2 in 1.

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The one that I recommend using is the AM moisturizer from Tiege Hanley. After I’m done using their face wash, I like to apply their moisturizer since it already has an SPF 20 built into it. I also like the fact that it doesn’t leave your face all oily yet still protecting your face from all harmful rays. In addition, it doesn’t have any fragrance or scent, so it doesn’t seem that you just lathered sun-block all over yourself. So if you guys want to pick up some Tiege Hanleyw, it’s something you definietly won’t regret.


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        Someone who’s always smiling or full of energy instantly looks more handsome that any grouch who’s just sitting in the corner.The secret to that magnetic charisma is the food you eat. Remember, FOOD IS FUEL, so don’t settle for less. Eat healthy and avoid getting your energy from coffee and energy drinks, they just give you a short boost but then make you crash.


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          This are always overlooked by guys yet they’re the first thing girls look at. You best believe if you want that girl of your dreams, start taking care of your eyes. First, get a good night’s sleep, this reduces the chance of dark eye circles or any puffiness that may occur. However, I take it an extra step, I apply some sort of eye cream.

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If you haven’t signed up for Tiege Hanley by now, I don’t know what your doing to clean your face. Every month, I get a box of Tiege Hanley shipped to my door that includes a plethora of face products and my favorite eye cream. That’s why I love telling you guys about Tiege Hanley, they made it simple for men when it comes to facial care. You don’t even have to go to the store, they ship you the whole system every month. Believe me when I say this, that if you try it once, you’ll get hooked on looking good. Once you start Tiege Hanley, everything else just doesn’t seem as good. That’s why I highly recommend that you just try out one box and let me know what you think. You’ll be back for seconds, I guarantee it!On top of that, use code “TMFHANDSOME20” for 20% off your first box.


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            At this point, there’s so many studies that showed how stress can accelerate your aging process. Think about it, when your under stress, you tend to sleep less and eat more. This will lead to less attractive skin, weakened bone structure, receding hairline and more wrinkles. In other words, less handsome.


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           You could be the most handsome guy in the world, but if you’re a jerk or a prick, you’re ugly to any attractive girl. On the other hand, no girl wants to go on a date a super nice guy who’s sitting there all innocent like a puppy. Be a balanced man, don’t be a pushover but speak your mind. Man up for yourself and your date as well.

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