6 Tricks To Know If Your Dress Shirt Fits Properly

Posted on Feb 01,2019 in Style

The fit of your clothing is super important. When it comes to more formal clothing, it is even more important. This is because formal and dressy clothing is made to show off your professionalism, and if you are wearing your formal clothing improperly, you won’t look the part. So, you need to make sure your dress shirts always fit the way they are supposed to. Here are 6 tricks to know if your dress shirt fits properly.

1.The Length Test

For this test, you are going to be testing the length of the shirt. It is actually quite simple to do, throw on your dress shirt and raise your arms above your head while the shirt is untucked. If the shirt goes above your belt line, then shirt is too short, if it stops right at or a little below the belt line, the shirt length is perfect. Make sure to keep this tip in mind when shirt shopping!

2.The Sit-Down Test

When you wear a dress shirt, it is typically for work, an event, a business meeting, or other important occasions. During these occasions, you will most likely be sitting down. So, for this test all you have to do is sit down. When you sit down, if you notice any pulling within the buttoning of the shirt or your skin/undershirt is showing, it is too small. You will then need to size up and ensure that there isn’t any pulling when you sit down.

3.The Finger Test

This test is pretty self-explanatory. Put on your dress shirt and see if you can fit your fingers in the collar of your shirt when its buttoned to the top. If you can then the shirt is properly fitted, if you can’t or if it is uncomfortable to do so, I would recommend you size up. For me, I don’t have these problems because I always wear custom shirts. Our sponsor, Tailor Store is my go-to for all of my custom clothing. They have an app where they will measure you through your phones camera with their advanced technology systems.

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4.The Sleeve Test

For this test, you will be making sure the sleeve length is the proper length. All you have to do is unbutton your sleeves and put your arms down so the sleeve can drop. If the sleeve ends within the two knuckles of your thumb, then the shirt fits perfect. If it doesn’t, you will have to readjust your shirt and get it refitted.

5.The Back Test

This test will ensure your back has the proper amount of room in it and it is not too big or tight. All you have to do is put your arms in front of you, if you feel a lot of tightness in your back, then odds are the shirt is too small. If you feel no tightness at all, the shirt might be too big. If you feel a little bit of a tight aspect, then the shirt is the right size and you are good to go.

6.The Arm Hole Test

For this test, you need to start by tucking in your shirt. Lift your arms up laterally and if your shirt only gets untucked about an inch, the shirt fits properly. If the shirt gets untucked to the point where the bottom of the shirt is revealing, the arm holes are too small. And if the shirt doesn’t move at all, the arm holes are too big.