6 Types Of Guys Every Women Wants

Posted on Oct 10,2018 in Lifestyle

There are some men that just have a natural knack of attracting women. They just make “picking up women” look easy and effortless, but it’s not always like that for everyone. On the other end of the spectrum are the guys that have a natural repellent to women. These are the guys that couldn’t pick up a woman if their life depended on it. If you find yourself struggling to get the girls you want or if you feel like women overlook you, there is most definitely a solution to changing this. Pay attention, because here are 6 types of guys every woman wants.

1.The Free Spirit Guy

This type of guy just loves going with the flow, who tends to just be easy going and lets life run its course. This type of guy isn’t bothered by much and tends to just plots his days around having fun and living life to its fullest. A woman loves to have fun, and this guy is the definition of a good time. Women hate a guy who is scared or just boring, so make sure you gravitate to a fun, adventurous style of living. After you do this, you’ll be a lot happier with yourself and women will be flocking all over you, because you make their lives fun and adventurous.

2.The Well-Groomed Guy

You could be 20 to 30 years old looking for that girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, but if your looks don’t come off as clean cut and maintained, you could be losing your opportunities. You need to have a well-groomed face, period. Having this just makes you look more professional, organized, and manly. Women love this. You need to have an amazing smile, well-groomed facial hair, and just an ultimately neat persona. This is key if you want to impress women. This is when you need to check out our sponsor, Manscaped.

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3.The Gentlemen

This type of guy is a rare breed nowadays. Don’t go to over the top though. A true gentleman just makes sure his lady is his first priority. Do simple things for her like open her car door for her, offer to pay the bill whenever you and her eat, respecting her in all things, and being overall a nice person. These small acts will get you a long way. She’ll fall in love with you and how she feels around you, so just be a nice gentleman. It only requires a little bit more effort than how you act right now.

4.The Masculine Guy

Guys, listen to this. Girls don’t want to date a feminine type of guy. That’s what her friends are for. They want a man who is a man. Someone they feel protected around, and someone who will actually protect them if it came down to it. With masculinity comes strong compassion, drive, motivation, and strength. Women don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is weak, lazy, or crazy emotional, it’s a big turn off.

5.The Go Getter

This kind of guy is driven and passionate in what he does. This guy gets up every day to fight after his dreams and goals. This type of guy knows what he wants and will make sure he gets what he fights for. A woman loves this type of guy, it just makes them feel comfortable, knowing you can handle life and all of its obstacles surrounding it. Trust me, life’s too short to be lazy and not have a drive for something.

6.The Intelligent Guy

This type of guy just starts intellectual conversations that are mentally stimulating. Women get so intrigued with style of male. Women also get much more interested in these guys rather than the average joe. They keep things interesting and spontaneous. Not only will she like you for how deep and close your conversations will be, but your true intelligence will show as a result of this. She’ll melt for you.


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