6 Ways to Get MORE Matches on Tinder

Posted on Sep 09,2018 in Lifestyle

Tinder is complicated app for most men. Many guys think it’s as easy as swiping right and BAM! You just landed a date. But this isn’t always the case. There is a science behind finding success on tinder and making sure you are presenting yourself the best way possible to achieve all of the matches you want. Looks and money doesn’t necessarily matter in the world of tinder, here is what you need to do if you want to score that amazing date on tinder.




On Tinder, you only get a half of a second for a female to make the decision if she’s going to swipe left or right. This means that the first picture is the most important one on your profile, and the best thing you can do is show off one of your hobbies with this picture. Doing this will set you apart from every other guy that just posts a basic selfie or a picture with his friends. Show your strengths with your first picture, without being too arrogant, like using the typical shirtless mirror picture.


2.Personal Hygiene


Some guys have a hard time coming across as “hygienic” within their tinder profiles. This can immediately make a girl swipe left because she automatically thinks you’re an unclean person, even if you’re not. Some things that can make a girl see you as unclean is a messy room, messy hair, yellow teeth, and a messy beard. Girls pick up on the small details and will immediately swipe left on your profile. So, in order to look as hygienic as possible make sure to tidy yourself up. The best way to do this is to clean up your facial hair. This will provide you with an amazing looking jawline that the girls will immediately find attractive.

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Now that you have that amazing first picture to grab that girl’s attention, the next step is to have an even better bio to capture yourself in a very interesting way. Don’t be that guy that’s just trying to be funny or writes a novel about their life, instead you should do this. Keep your bio short, sweet, and simple. Keep yourself mysterious and show that your reserved, this will make ever girl more interested in you, because she’s wanting to learn more about you.


4.Appeal To The Masses


This basically mean that you need to avoid posting pictures that will spark unwanted debates, or put you in a quirky position that you’ll have to dig yourself out of. Tinder is essentially just a numbers game and you want to cast a wide net that will attract a wider audience rather than closing yourself off to just a few iffy matches. The safer your profile is, the easier it is to appeal to more girls, it’s that simple.


5.Be Careless


The ultimate goal is score that date that you’ve always dreamed about. If your focusing on just one girl and she stops replying, you have to move on and find someone that wants you for you! Don’t catch feelings to easy, don’t get needy, and just keep moving. This will get you way more matches that you will have stronger connections with.


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