6 Ways You Are Wearing Glasses Wrong

Posted on Dec 01,2018 in Style

It is truly crazy how glasses can transform your looks. If you wear glasses correctly, you will look a lot more attractive than you would without them. However, so many guys don’t know the proper ways to wear frames. Not to mention, sunglasses have the perfect balance of style and protection. So, here are the 6 ways you are wearing glasses wrong.

1.Choosing Fashion Over Function

Sunglasses were made for a reason, to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So many people nowadays are just wearing sunglasses as a fashion statement, rather than what they were initially made for. I’ve seen so many people wear sunglasses where the lenses are so tiny, they truly serve no purpose. In fact, you are at a higher risk for getting harmed by the sun’s harmful rays. Use sunglasses for their purpose, but do it with style.

2.Not Wearing Polarized Lenses

When you buy a pair of sunglasses, they need to be polarized. This simply means they will fulfill their purpose to the max and will protect your eyes. The glasses without polarized lenses will lose their protective qualities overtime and will supply you with no purpose. So, invest a little more money into a pair of polarized glasses.

3.Buying Small Frames

So many guys wear glasses that just don’t fit their faces right. You need to make sure you buy glasses that fit! A great source to get glasses that are guaranteed to fit is at GlassesUSA.

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4.Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

This is just something you should never do. You will just look like a stuck-up guy who is going nowhere in life. Wearing your sunglasses indoors is not a cool thing to do, in fact it is just the opposite. It doesn’t add any value to your life, so, why do it? Take them off indoors, it’s just a sign of respect. You aren’t a billionaire rapper, take them off. It’s easy.

5.Leaving Your Glasses Exposed

So many people just leave their sunglasses in random places that they shouldn’t be. These places may include their counter top, in the sun, on their dashboard, or on their office table. This is bad because the sun will directly hit the frames for a long period of time. This will, over time, take away the protective layer from the sunglasses. Keep your sunglasses stored in a case. This will ensure they are protected and safe.

6.Your Frames Don’t Match Your Style

This is another big mistake I see people make all the time. Everyone has their own type of style. Some people dress old-school, some dress like a hipster, some dress like rappers, you get the point. You need to make sure the glasses you are buying match who you are. If you’re wearing a pair of glasses that doesn’t match you, they just won’t look good.