7 Back to School Style Mistakes Most Guys Make

Posted on Aug 02,2018 in Style

You’re going back to school soon and picking out outfits can be very stressful. So, that’s why today I wanted to help you and show you 7 style mistakes most students make. If that’s sounds interesting, let’s begin!

1.Don’t Follow The Wave

I know how school is like, most of your friends probably dress the same and for the most part they probably dress bad. They either wear outdated trends or as if they’re gonna hit the basketball court after class. Instead, invest in clothing that fits you better and a bit more dressier while still keeping it casual (pictured below).

The concept of “fit” will set you apart from the rest, most of your peers in school still don’t understand that and wear clothes that are too big or too small.

2.Buy Retro

If you want to spice it up a bit and be be a more style savvy, then buy retro-inspired clothing. Think of “Saved By The Bell”  that’s what’s in right now. Take these Adidas Continentals for example, they just recently dropped and you can get them for $80-$90 and they are a great pick-up for this upcoming school year, a shoe that most of your peers won’t have.

3.Invest In Accessories

Invest in new thing right now that you would be less comfortable doing in the middle of the school year. Once the year starts off, your image has already established and people know what to expect from you and changing anything outside the box will make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why you have to change it up now. Therefore, buy a new watch, a new bracelet, something you’ve never rocked before. Especially something like from our friends at RoseGold&Black.

I remember I was in the 9th grade when I bought my first watch and bracelet. Whenevr I put them on before school, I just felt this boost of confidence and just felt so stylish. That’s a feeling that only be achieved if you start stepping out of your box and wearing stuff that others don’t. RoseGold&Black is a great place to start, you can never go wrong with any of their pieces because everything is stylish and has a significant amount of quality backing it up. I guarantee you that you’ll be showering in compliments once you throw it on. You’ll be the next trend-setter in your grade.

If that sounds like you, go ahead and click on this LINK and it’ll take you to our special site where you can buy any of their products discounted just because your in the TMF Fam.

4.Don’t Wear Graphic Tees

Certain graphic and artist tees can look stylish because it’s stylish. However, for the most part, stay away from the obnoxious graphic tees that make you look like a walking billboard. Instead, invest in great fitting t-shirts that highlight certain parts of your body. I guarantee that you won’t find kids in school wearing that. Think about it, would your crush want to see you in a obnoxious Vineyard Vines shirt like all your friends or sexy black t-shirt that make your biceps look jacked.

5.Don’t Wear Flip-Flops, Sandals, or Slides

Chances are if your school doesn’t have a dress code, you’re most likely going to see a chunk of guys wearing this. Trust me, girls don’t want to see your feet and you wearing long tube socks doesn’t alleviate the problem. Opt for slip-on sneakers, you can put them on almost just as quick and you will gain so many style points. Be the stylish buy instead of the lazy bum.

6.Stop Wearing Oversized Sweats and Hoodies

If it’s not Pajama Day then don’t go to school like it is. BOYS! If you want girls in the class to notice you, wear something that will make them look at you. Show off your gains by wearing well-fitting clothing and show that you actually care about your style.

7.Shower In The Morning

Your grooming is just as important as your style. If you stink or look dirty, no girl will want to be affiliated with you. One of the most sexiest things that men can do is be well-groomed and smell nice, ask any girl, it’s simply the truth. DO NOT be the guy who just rolls out of bed and goes to school.