7 Clothing Hacks To Save Money and LOOK BETTER!

Posted on Sep 17,2018 in Style

Clothing can become very expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy super expensive clothes, so you’re going to have to get intuitive about your purchases. Here are seven hacks that you can do to start saving money on clothing as well as making your clothing last much longer than it has before.

1.Gum Ruins Your Clothes!

I’m sure everyone reading this has either sat in gum or has accidentally stepped in it while they were just going about their business. This can be an unpleasant task in taking it off, so would you want to know of a way to do it more productively? A simple hack is to take an ice cube and press it over the spot where there is gum. This will then semi freeze the gum, making it so much more manageable to get it off. This will save you money, because you will no longer be throwing your nice jeans or shoes away, but rather fixing the problem easily!

2.Faded Clothing

Black clothes tend to fade after just a few washes, making them look unpleasant to the eye and just old and dirty. An easy fix to faded clothes is by adding coffee to them. It might sound a little weird, but it works! All you need to do is put your faded clothes in the washer. Once the washer has reached the “rinse” stage, you want to poor two cups of rich, dark coffee in the load. You then want to let the clothes finish their rinsing cycle. Once they are done, you then want to hang them up to dry. When they are completely dry you will see a huge difference in the color of your garments, and they’ll smell pretty good too!

3.Buy New Clothing

This sounds pretty self-explanatory, but there are some guidelines you should follow when you want to revamp your closet. The main reason why people tend to buy new clothing is because they are tired of seeing the same clothing pieces all the time, and they just get bored of them. Well, here’s the solution. You don’t necessarily need to buy new clothes, but in fact utilize the clothes you have now with long, lasting accessories. This will ultimately add a new layer of class and style to your existing outfits.

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4.Sweaters That Start Pilling

When a sweater in your closet starts to pill, it can look unpleasant and you might even want to throw it away. There is an easy fix to make that old, pilling sweater look like you just bought it! All you need to do is take a regular shaving razor and start shaving off the excess material. You are literally just shaving your sweater. It’s an action that will only take you a few minutes, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

5.Shrunken Garments

It’s the worst feeling ever when one your favorite garments either shrinks or no longer fits you how it used to after it got washed. Pieces that are 100% cotton are more prone to shrink, so here’s a hack to make sure you won’t be facing this issue. Grab the shrunken garment and massage it inside of a mixture of lukewarm water and a few squirts of conditioner. Let the garment sit for about 30 minutes, then take it out and stretch it back to its normal state. While it dries, the conditioner mixture will actually reset the cotton in the garment, making it fit just as it did when you bought it.

6.Zip Your Zippers

Whenever you go to wash clothes, the last thing people think to do is to zip up their zippers on their clothing pieces. For example, your jeans have a zipper on them that should be zipped up before entering the washer. You might be wondering why you should even do this, well here’s why. The zippers and buttons on your clothes can easily snag onto a thin garment, tearing it inside of the washer. This will lead to you finding small holes that you don’t know where they came from, ruining perfectly good garments. So, make sure to zip and button up all of your pieces to avoid this from occurring.

7.Thrift Stores = Hidden Gems

This sounds pretty self-explanatory, but thrift stores can carry a lot of brand named items that you would love to have in your closet. Sure, it’s easier to just go to the mall and buy what you see on the shelves, but you’ll be spending much less on amazing quality clothing at a thrift store. Plus, it’s somewhat fun hunting for clothes at the thrift store, making clothes shopping that much more exciting.