7 Common Grooming TRENDS Women HATE

Posted on Feb 07,2019 in Grooming

Us men aren’t known for having amazing hygienic and grooming routines. But we still think, “dang, I look good right now”. Well, we are fooling ourselves. Our grooming routines could use a huge revamp. Women pay attention to how men groom themselves and take care of their physical aspects. So, here are 7 common grooming trends women hate. Do not make these mistakes guys.

1.Long Finger Nails

Women always notice to aspects of a guy: their hands and what they are wearing on their feet. I don’t know why this is, women just like to look at these two areas. With this being said, if you have long, unmanaged fingernails, you can kiss your chances with a girl goodbye. You need to keep your fingernails clipped and properly managed. Trust me, this will work in your advantage and women with think you take proper care of yourself.

2.Thin Eye Brows

Women pride themselves in having amazing eyebrows, it’s just what they do. So, if you have eyebrows that shows that you are trying too hard, they will be instantly turned off. A few examples of this include: thin eyebrows, overly tweezed eyebrows, or eye brows with designs in them. This may look good to you, but women will see it as tacky and unattractive. Trust me on this, boys.

3.Cringy Beard Styles

A man’s beard is one of those things that needs to be properly maintained. There are a few beard styles that men still rock, but they are unattractive in women’s eyes. These styles include: The Goatee, The Chin Strap, and The Wizard Beard. If you have facial hair, stick to modern beard styles that women will love, such as light stubble. Our sponsor, Brio, makes the best beard trimmer in the game, The Beardscape!

This trimmer is a miracle worker in my life and it is one of my secrets to having the well-groomed facial hair that I have. You guys need to go check out The Beardscape by Brio if you have facial hair period. Also, they are running a special offer on this trimmer for a limited time!

4.The Disconnected Undercut

This hair style truly took the men’s population by storm. It seemed as if everywhere you looked, every guy was rocking this cut. The truth about this hair style is that it just looks weird and unproportioned. You have a sin cut on the sides with overly long hair on top, it just doesn’t look right. Women don’t seem to like this look either. So, stick to a clean fade on the sides and make the top proportionate to your head shape.

5.Scent Overload

Every guy should know that you shouldn’t drown yourself in fragrance. Women don’t want to get their nose suffocated by your cheap axe spray. So, a few rules for you are: Don’t buy cheap cologne, but buy a fragrance that smells good and will catch a girl’s attention; Also, don’t apply too much fragrance on you, this will cause a female to lose interest. Think about it, if you apply only a little cologne, it requires the girl to lean in and find out where the scent is coming from. Boom, you just got her interest.


Guys, pluck your eyebrows. Keep them clean and neat. As previously mentioned, don’t go overboard and make them super thin, and don’t put designs in them, but keep them clean. Make your eyebrows compliment your face and shoe off your good looks. Women will notice that you are one handsome man. Just make sure you don’t have a unibrow, keep it plucked.

7.Fake Tans

This is just not a good look. If you think you are a little pale and want to get tanner, just go in the sun or get a real sun tan. Do not get a fake spray tan. It makes you look unnatural and scary to approach. You can ensure you won’t get any women if you are rocking a cheap spray tan. It is a HUGE turn off for women. Trust me. Embrace your skin tone and be confident in yourself.


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