7 Easy Style Upgrades Any Guy Can Do

Posted on Oct 12,2017 in Style

Here are 7 easy style tips that will help you upgrade your style

Lose the Logo


Unless the brand is sponsoring you or you have equity in the company, you should not be giving them free advertising. Now I’m not talking about your graphic tees or band tees, I’m talking about brands like Polo Ralph Lauren who literally has a horse that takes up a fourth of the front of the shirt.

Wearing Clothes That Are Too Tight

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If your clothes are constricting your range of motion, then they are too tight. When your clothes are too tight, they tend to show off your jelly rolls instead of making you look better, which is what a proper fit would do for you.

Avoid Tacky Belts

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You have to stop wearing these bets. Avoid huge brand logos, you don’t want a billboard in your groin area because this is not an area you want to draw attention to.

Wear Undershirts


If you want to prevent sweat stains and want to stop ruining your shirts with yellow pit stains, then you have to start wearing undershirts. Undershirts protect your clothing from stains. Some undershirts can be bulky and can be seen through the shirt, but if you get the right kind of undershirt people will never notice you are wearing one.

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I wear undershirts every day and I bet you haven’t noticed it, that’s because I wear undershirts from Sloane. Sloane produces undershirts that are basically invisible. Their undershirts come in a variety f different colors so that they will match your skin tone, which is what makes them invisible.

Make sure you use the discount code JOSE25 to get a special discount.

Fix Your Pants

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Make sure you take your pants to a tailor. Most guys get their pants right off the rack and odds are that 90% of the time they are not going to fit perfectly.  Take the time to take your pants to a tailor where you can get your pants hemmed for around $10.

Take Risks

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Don’t be afraid to try new things. Taking risks will help you cultivate a personal style by making you leave your comfort zone.  Go ahead and try out something you don’t think you’ll like and see if it works. If it doesn’t work out, go back to your normal style and then try something different. Taking risks will help you expand your style.

Overdressing or Underdressing

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When you have to attend a certain event you need to know what clothing is appropriate for that specific event.  Men usually underdress when the event is formal where they will look out of place or they will go to a casual event and completely overdress. You have to make sure that your outfit matches the type of event you will be attending.