7 Essential Grooming Tips Every Young Guy Should DO

Posted on Aug 05,2018 in Grooming

Boys! It’s back to school season and it’s time for you to start looking like studs. That’s why today, I’m going to be showing you 7 grooming tips you NEED to start doing. Let’s begin!

1.Always Rock A Fresh Haircut

I still remember to this day how many kids would go through the semester without even cutting one haircut. At that point, you just look like a struggling student who gave up on life. Do you really think your crush is going to notice you then? If you want her to pay some mind to you, get a haircut every two to three weeks. That fresh fade is going to automatically make you look like a stud, so you don’t even compare to the other kids.

2.Apply Deodorant The Night Before

You’re young, chances are your sweat glands are on overdrive. You don’t want to be known as the guy who sweats everywhere and has dirty armpits. To avoid this, put on your antiperspirant deodorant the right before so during the night, you won’t accumulate sweat. It’s an easy hack yet a life saver for a lot of guys.

3.Pluck Your Eyebrows

Don’t shave them and don’t leave them as is. This little grooming tip will set you apart from all he other kids. They would never think of plucking their eyebrows, but your not like most kids. Your face is the first thing that people see, so it’s important to make you look as good as possible.

4.Never Pop Your Zits

This is probably one of the worst desicions you can make as a young man. I get it though, acne is out of control and when you go to school, it’s embarrassing to have a big mound on your face. However, this temporary solution can cause long term problems. All your doing is pushing the bacteria back into your skin and could affect the surrounding area. On top of that, you could also cause acne scares in the long run.

Ideally, how about avoiding the need of popping pimples and adapting a new skin routine from Tiege Hanley. Not only does do a great job of preventing acne, but also removing and reducing it. As you guys know, Tiege Hanley is the best simple skincare system for men, where it’s strategically made so it’s fast, simple and effective.

Instead of always popping you zits, how about get to the root of the problem? Get rid of acne as a whole, so you will no longer damage your skin. When I was a teenager I would do anything for a system like this, all I had was a regular CVS cleanser and a brush. I didn’t have a routine or anything, ┬áSo if I were you, I’d take advantage of this.

To take your next time to a clean face, click HERE and purchase your first box to an acne-free life (and also 20% off).

5.Apply Cologne

Put on a real man’s fragrance, and not AXE like all your other friends. These just smell cheap and give most girls headaches. Let your scent set you apart from all the Walmart colognes everyone else is putting on.

6.Warm Shower

Even though hot showers can make you feel amazing in the morning, it can be detrimental to your skin.It basically, flushes off all the natural healthy oils. Instead, try to take a luke-warm shower.

7.Floss Daily

This is one thing I truly believe, no young guy is doing. I bet some of you don’t even own any floss. Not only does it cause bad breath but it’s just disgusting when you have decaying food in between your teeth. Do yourself and everyone else around a favor and start flossing.

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