7 Everyday Things That Are Bad For Your Health

Posted on Oct 24,2018 in Lifestyle

At this point, were family. I’m like your brother in a way. That being said, I only want the best for you, being that you are a part of the TMF family. It’s sad seeing guys do the same thing, over and over again that just isn’t good for your health. Here are 7 everyday things most guys do that just aren’t good for your health.

1.Biting Your Nails

This is a nervous tick that a lot of people have. There are a lot of downsides to doing this. First of all, biting your nails just looks gross. It also signals that you are anxious and insecure. Think about this. We have so many germs on our hands and fingers due to touching things throughout the day. So, biting your nails just increases your chances of getting sick or some type of harmful bacteria’s inside of you. Just try to avoid this at all costs.

2.Holding In Farts

You probably already know how terrible you feel when you have to hold in your gases. Your stomach starts to move in weird ways and you just have terrible stomach pains. We can blame society for this one because it’s not necessarily acceptable to just blast farts in a normal setting. Holding in your farts will lead to harmful stomach pains and even bloating. So, don’t let them rip in crowded settings, but excuse yourself to the restroom and try to not hold them in, it’s just not a good thing to do.

3.Watching Porn

Porn is a huge industry, and so many guys are wired to this stuff. There are on average about 1.7 million visits on Porn Hub every hour! Yes, you heard that right. Some guys are so addicted to this stuff that they can’t become aroused without that specific simulation, this is a huge cause for erectile dysfunction. This can be very detrimental to your health, especially in the bedroom. Now, porn isn’t the only cause of E.D., some common causes are stress, heavy alcohol intake, being overweight, etc. But, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction we’ve got you covered! Our sponsor, Roman, is your one stop shop for medical diagnostics.

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4.Eating Too Much Protein

Your body can only use and process so much protein at a time. Without you realizing it, you are probably overeating your necessary amount of protein. If you’re the type of guy who eats chicken like crazy and chugs 5 protein shakes a day, you’re going to want to pull back some. This can lead to dehydration due to high sodium and also affect your liver in a negative way. Find out the specific amount of protein you should be taking using your body weight and body fat percentages as a resource. You’ll gain a lot of weight if you don’t find a good balance for your specific lifestyle.

5.Watching T.V. Before Sleep

This is probably a normal activity to do for most people, but it actually affects you in a negative way. You’re going to want to shut off your phone and T.V. around a half an hour to a full hour before you choose to go to sleep. That bright light that these devices emit, disrupt your melatonin levels, which make it harder for you to fall asleep. Instead, read for an hour or so before bed. This will help you go to sleep faster if you do struggle with going to sleep.

6.Holding In A Sneeze

Many do this as consideration to their peers or in an effort of staying quiet, but it’s not good to do so. Your sneezes move at about 100mph, which is a lot of force to hold back. This can actually cause nasal fractures, nose bleeds, and even detached retinas. So, next time just let it out. Use your elbow to absorb the noise and most of the spit and snot. It’s a little more gross, but it’s the natural way to avoid harmful effects later on.

7.Sitting Down All Day

Many professionals have linked being lazy and sitting all day to heart disease and even diabetes. This will also affect your physical appearance, because you won’t be burning the number of calories you should be. So, if you work at an office or a sitting job, make sure you walk around or take the stairs for about 5 minutes every hour or so. Just stay active and always stay moving, this will avoid any negative medical conditions from affecting you.


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