7 Fashion Hacks For Handsome Men

Posted on Feb 20,2019 in Style

At the end of the day, everyone is attractive to a certain extent. However, it is up to you to make yourself look even better. You need to go the next step to boost your appearance through grooming, fashion, and personality means. Being that I am a nice guy, I want to make your lives even easier. I am going to give all of you handsome gents out there 7 fashion hacks that will make you look even more attractive. As I say all the time, women will notice! Keep reading guys!

1.Match Your Belt with Your Outfit

Women always pay attention to a guy’s outfit; you guys know this by now. So, what can you do to ensure that you are matching correctly? Well, you can use your belt to your advantage. Whenever you wear a belt, make sure to match it with the rest of your outfit. If your belt matches your pants correctly, there won’t be any interruptions within your outfit. This will not only show women that you know style but it will also give you the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. For me personally, I always like to wear an Anson Belt.

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2.Take Care of Your Clothes

Your clothes should be treated properly and taken care of. Think about it, whenever you buy a new pair of shoes you always take proper precaution so you don’t get them dirty. Well, you need to do this with every piece of clothing you have. Make sure you don’t get stains on them, and make sure your clothes are always looking clean! In addition to this, always check the inside tag on your clothes to see the proper way to wash them. This is a perfect way to keep your clothes looking new all the time.

3.Throw Out Your Old Clothes

With every piece of fashion, there is always a day when it goes out of style. So, what do you do? Throw your old clothes out! If you have stains, holes, or any other eyesore on your clothes just get rid of them. You don’t have to throw them out, but donate them. Allow someone else to utilize them who truly needs it. Now that your old clothes are gone, you’ll be looking sharp all the time.

4.Make Sure Your Shirt Collar is Crisp

Whenever you dress up, you need to keep this hack in mind. Your shirt collar is always flopping around and it sometimes just looks messy. Well, you can actually take double sided tape and tape your shirt collar down. This will ensure that your collar is not going to move around and that you’ll look like a million bucks. A sharp collar goes a long way guys, trust me!

5.Use the Color Red

The color red signifies that you are THE man. To women, red signifies interest and dominance. It makes women want to approach you and find out what you are all about. You might not believe me, but look it up. Red is a good color to implement within your outfits. If you implement it correctly, you’ll see just how lucky you get. Women are going to be all over you by the end of the night.

6.Roll Up Your Sleeves Properly

Dressing up is one problem that some guys have. In addition to the shirt collar hack previously mentioned, utilize this one as well. The correct way to roll up your sleeves is to do one big roll to the middle of your forearm, and then do a half roll to a little above your elbow. This is what will look the best and will give you the best forearm definition. You all know by now, women can’t resist nice forearms!

7.Fold Your Shirts Vertically

Sometimes it can be a challenge to stay neat and tidy when you fold your clothes. Well, this hack gets rid of that issue for you. Instead of folding your shirts horizontally and stacking them in your dresser, fold them vertically. When you fold your shirts vertically and lay them next to each other, you can fit a lot more shirts. Also, you will no longer have to rummage through your dresser to find a specific shirt. All of your shirts will be visible to you!