7 GROSS Hygiene Mistakes Guys Should STOP

Posted on Apr 22,2018 in Lifestyle

I see guys everyday making hygiene mistakes that make them lose their “handsomeness” and I’m here to make sure you don’t become one of those guys. Today, I’m going to show you 7 mistakes you could be doing. Let’s begin!


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Guys don’t understand the affect cracked lips have on people. It just makes you look unhygienic. I can tell you right now, constantly licking and smacking your lips isn’t attractive. Just exfoliate your lips with a little bit of water and sugar to remove any dead skin. Once your done, apply a lip balm and then you’re good to go!


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For the most part, men will finish shaving and rinse it with water without drying it. The problem is, the razor starts eroding the blade and rust starts forming. You can easily cut yourself and infect your skin, and that’s something you never want. The proper way to do this is shave, rinse and finish it off with a hair-dryer.

Another method you might want to adapt is replace your blade every week or so. Which is why Dollar Shave Club is the perfect answer for that. For only a couple bucks a month, you get a month’s supply of razors delivered to your door. This gives you the ability to change out your razors, preventing any type of erosion or damage. If you’re still unsure about the Dollar Shave Club, they have a deal going on right now that can’t be beat. FOr only $5, plus free shipping, you’re gonna get:

  • Month Supply of Razors
  • Executive Razor
  • Butt Wipes
  • Shave Butter
  • Body Wash

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Personally, I believe this is a no-brainer and something you should definietly pick up. If you want to check out this deal click “here” and thank me later.


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A lot of guys use q-tips after the shower to clean their ears and get rid of earwax. Reality is, you’re just pushing it back further in the ear canal. Instead of using a q-tip, just apply some soapy water on your ears while your in the shower. The soap will break up the wax, and eventually clear it out. When you’re done, grab a towel and dry. Simple as that.


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Your tongue is a mecca for bacteria buildup and one of the biggest reasons for bad breath. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and pick up a tongue scraper. Not only will you have better hygiene, you’ll have good smelling breath. So make sure you scrape your tongue twice a day after you brush your teeth.


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Most guys just hop in the shower and let the water fall on their “boys” and call it a day. Keep in mind, this area is surrounded by heat all day and it can lead to some funky smells. I would recommend picking up a fragrance-free soap and clean everything down there.


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Let’s be honest. Most guys only replace their bed sheets once a month. Sometimes only once a year. This is probably one of the most unhygenic things you can do becuase you’re sweating all night, there’s a lot of dirt, oil, bacteria build-up and if you actually see what you’re sleeping on…you’d be changing it every week. As a rule of thumb: Pillowcases(every week), Bedsheets (every two weeks)


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Having dandruff fall on your shoulder is an extremely unpleasant sight. This is caused by un-proper washing of the scalp causing dirt and dead skin to fall off your head. The only way of getting rid of dandruff is either use a shampoo made for that or a scalp massager. Whichever you pick, you’re definietly getting rid of those pesky snowflakes on your shoulder.

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