7 Items That Will Make Your Bedroom Cooler!

Posted on Oct 20,2018 in Lifestyle

The bedroom is simply a man’s sanctuary. The time you spend in your bedroom is purely for relaxing, feeling good about yourself, and just finding peace. Your room needs to be cool. Think about it, you spend a lot of your time in there, so it needs to look like the amazing bachelor pad that you’ve always dreamed of. Here is a list of 7 items that will make your bedroom cooler than you’ve ever seen before!

1.Wall Art

Do you want your room to be both sophisticated and cooler at the same time? Then add wall art. Remove all of those childish Star Wars posters and replace them with modern canvas’s. This just makes a living space so much trendier. If you have some modern looking canvas’s in your room, anyone you bring in will just think you’re a sophisticated, well rounded person. This will always make for a good night.

2.A Work Station

Don’t be the guy that works off his bed. Just don’t do this. Instead, have a modern work station. This will boost productivity and just make working that much more fun. When you work from your bed, you get lazier, you slack off, and you will even fall asleep. So, get a desk. Having one will just make you aware that you are supposed to be working and not slacking off.

3.A Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a necessity for any room. You need to amplify your music sometimes, it’s just something you need to do. Having a Bluetooth speaker in your room at all times is good for when you want to listen to audiobooks at ease, stream music, or watch movies with enhanced audio. Bluetooth speakers are just the new wave and you need to get one that is of top tier quality that will last! Our sponsor, Kove Speakers, has what you need!

Kove has some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. My favorite speaker they sell is “The Commuter”. This speaker is everything you wished you had in a Bluetooth speaker, all in one! This speaker has a built in sub-woofer that will amplify your audio to the next level. The design of this speaker is a very aesthetic, modern design. This is just the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever used. Kove is giving back to the TMF family, when you use code “tmfkove” you’ll get 65% off for The Commuter Speaker! Go get one before this offer ends. IT sells out fast!

4.EDC Tray

An EDC tray is a necessity for your room. For those of you who are don’t know what this is, it’s just an aesthetically pleasing tray that holds all of your daily essentials so you don’t lose them. You need one of these. I like to hold my keys, phone, wallet, and even a watch in mine. I jump out of the shower, knowing where all of my daily essentials are. So, an EDC tray gets rid of the fear of you losing your essentials and it makes your room look much more organized and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

5.A Watch Box

If you’re a man that takes pride in his watches, you need a watch box. Not only does it keep your watches in tip top shape, but it displays all of your beautiful time pieces. Its little things like these that really add to a room and make it look that much cooler.

6.Fake Plants

This is a very adult thing to do. My room is filled with a lot of greys so the atmosphere in my room specifically is somewhat muted. So, adding a little bit of life and color really makes my room that much more pleasing to the eye. Fake plants just add a next level of aesthetic that you can’t get from most bedroom accessories. They look cool. They make your room look even cooler. So, why not get a few?

7.A Soft Rug

This is crucial guys. You need to have a soft rug in your bedroom. A rug just adds a texture contrast to your room and makes going barefoot so much more comfortable and pleasing. A rug goes a long way and it will just make a boring room stand out, turning it into a much more sophisticated space. You’ll thank me later.


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