7 Money Saving Shopping Secrets ALL Guys Should Know

Posted on Oct 02,2018 in Lifestyle

Listen family, I want you to look great. I want you to feel great. But I want you to do all of this at the best prices possible. I’m here to help you guys out. I want you to be able to save money while you dress for success. So, here are seven money saving shopping secrets you need to know!

1.Shop Used Luxury

A lot of luxury pieces are purchased by people who are well off. These people then stock pile so much designer branded goods up and then donate them because they have things they don’t even wear. This is where you can come in and snag a deal on a designer labeled clothing piece. Vestiaire Collective is an amazing source to go to for all of your designer needs, at affordable prices.

2.Use Apps

Using apps essentially allows the online world work for you. There are so many coupons on the internet that save you money, you just need to find them. There are even ways for you to earn money while you shop. Our sponsor Ebates does just that.

They offer cash back on your purchases from specific retailers and online websites. They are safe, fast, and easy to use. If you sign up its free, and you’ll receive a $10 welcome bonus just because they support the TMF squad. Go ahead and start saving today.

3.“On Sale” Doesn’t Always Mean “On Sale”

Retailers will actually jack up their prices before a big sale to look as though you are getting the deal of the century, but in fact they’re just protecting their profit margins. It’s just a trick these stores will do to make it look like you’re saving money. Our brand, ESNTLS, doesn’t offer sales, because we give you the best price without hiding anything.

You’re getting the best quality products from us, at the lowest price possible. We now have new and improved track pants, hoodies, t shirts, etc.! If you become a pro member you get early access to every ESNTLS drop, because our products sell out fast! We got you!

4.Don’t Fall For Free Shipping

Many companies like to give you a “free shipping” option. But there’s a catch. You usually have to spend a minimum price in order to qualify for this free shipping to be enacted in your cart. This is a trick these retailers do to sell off unwanted product, so watch out next time when you see this.

5.Be Patient

Time is everything and sometimes it’s best to wait the brand out. Brands don’t necessarily want to keep the same product in their line up throughout the entire year, this is when you’ll get the best deal possible. They’ll mark the item that you want super low, making it cheaper for you!

6.Add To Cart, But Don’t Buy It!

This is a trick that will work in your favor. If you see something you like, add it to your cart, but don’t pay full price for it. Most of the time you’ll get an email regarding this, and it could have a discount within it, so they ensure the sale. It’s a simple, yet easy trick you should start doing.

7.Compare Market Value

Whenever you’re looking to buy a specific item, make sure you check out every company that has it. For example, if you’re wanting a hyped pair of sneakers, check eBay, Stockx, Grailed, etc. These websites and apps will have what you want, but only one of them will have the best deal possible. So, just make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck! Shop smart, not hard.


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