7 Reason You’re Awkward Around Girls

Posted on Sep 21,2018 in Lifestyle

Being that you are a guy, you might be asking yourself, “Why am I so awkward around girls? It’s a very common question that many guys have a problem with, not just you. The thing you have to realize is that people are just people. With your guy friends, you can talk comfortably for hours, but as soon as you talk to a girl, you tend to freeze and stutter over a few sentences. Here are seven reasons why you might be awkward around women, and ways to solve them.

1.You Are Trying To Be To Perfect

In your mind, you essentially look at your crush as having no flaws and being absolutely perfect. You want to look like a perfect guy to meet her level of perfection, which doesn’t end well. You just have to remember that she’s a person like everybody else. She poops and breathes like everybody else, and probably has insecurities of her own. Use this mindset from now on and see how comfortable you will get, rather than stuttering and looking nervous around her.

2.You Don’t Know What To Say

If this is the case, you are just overthinking everything. You might feel as though you need to have the correct “game” or have some type of players handbook to keep the conversation going, but this isn’t true at all. A very, very small percentage of guys can actually spit game, so the only thing you need to do is actually build up enough confidence to go up and talk to her. Ultimately, you just want a girl to like you for you. You need to act like yourself, and if she doesn’t like you for you, then she wasn’t worth your time and you need to move on.

3.You Think You Are Ugly

The truth to this is that no one is actually ugly. You are just too lazy to invest into yourself and your appearance. The number one thing that every guy should be doing to increase their handsomeness is to treat their skin. To many guys have too much of an “ego” to go through a proper skin care routine, because they think they don’t need it. If you are actually smart enough, you need to take care of your skin correctly. The best place to start in the skin care industry is with Tiege Hanley.

They have a fool proof skincare system that oversimplifies getting amazing looking skin, that will boost your handsomeness and appearance. The system includes instructions and all of the products you will need to look incredible, and it’s very affordable too! If you are a guy who thinks he’s ugly or could use a boost of handsomeness you need to try out this system as soon as possible.

4.You Think You Are Too Cool

If you act too cool with a girl and super distant, and dry with her, it’s not going to end in your favor.   Shell think you are just boring and uninteresting which will make her want to leave. So, just act how a lady would like to be treated, don’t be arrogant.

5.You Think That Getting A Girl Will Solve All Of Your Problems

This is a big issue that causes you to act awkwardly around women. This will make a girl think as though there are too many expectations on her, which will just increase the pressure on you. If you are unhappy with your job, body, life, whatever it is, a girl will not solve all of those problems for you. You need to be dependent on yourself and be dependent on your own. Depending on somebody for your happiness is a terrible way to start a relationship.

6.You Don’t Value Yourself

Again, too often guys see women as these amazing, flawless creatures that deserve to be praised. This is why you are acting awkwardly. In fact, YOU are the prize and you should be treating yourself that way. Invest and take care of yourself so your outward reflects your inward. With this mindset, you’ll turn into that confident stud that she is lucky enough to be talking too.

7.You Think She Has More Experience Than You

So many guys get overly nervous knowing that they have little dating experience, while also knowing the girl they are talking to has already been around the block. Don’t do this. She is still human, and she still gets nervous. Lack of experience should never be a turn off for women, and if it is, move on because she didn’t deserve you.


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