7 Things Men Should Do Everyday

Posted on Feb 27,2018 in Lifestyle

If you want to live a healthier and happier life, I got you! Just follow these 7 simple tasks and you’ll be good to go.


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I’m a grinder and I’m not telling you to stop grindin’. But I’m not talking about being lazy. Scientifically, taking breaks, makes you more productive. Spending too much time on one subject can eventually make you zone out and decrease workflow. Try to take 5 minute breaks when you need one, it’ll give you a nice breather and some time to restart your body/mind.


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My breakfast usually consists of eggs, toast, fruit, and some oats. I usually fill up my plate with food and it’s pretty substantial. This is a good idea becuase it re-supplies your body with nutrients after a full night of rest and it also regulates blood sugar. An added bonus is if you have a filling breakfast this will control appetite throughout the day to prevent snacking.


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Whether it be going to the beach, pool, the park, whatever you want to go. Go do it. Try to work out or do some sort of activity at least once a day. Do something that’s out of your comfort zone and get your blood pumping. Plus the guy with the super exciting lifestyle is super attractive. Girl will literally glue themselves to you becuase they want to be apart of your life.

One thing I love doing while being active is making my own playlist of songs that pump me up and keep me doing. Another essential I bring with me is my Kove Speaker. It’s the best way of enjoying music while doing something productive.

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These Kove Speakers really do pack a punch. I’ve talked about them before becuase they’re an essential gadget for guys. On top of them being loud and great-sounding, they are waterproof, it’s perfect for that “on the go” lifestyle. What I like about this speaker is it has two modes. An indoor/outdoor feature, ensures that you’re getting the best sound wherever you go. It also comes with a built-in subwoofer that really adds extra bass and quality to the sound.  Normally, these speakers retail for $199, however since you’re reader of our blog, you get an extra 65% off if you use code “tmfkove”. So, I highly suggest you pick one up today!

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You never wanna be caught wearing a bad fit. Firstly, because you never know who you’ll run into to. Secondly, wearing clothes that make you look good, makes you feel good.


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Routine is good for the body and mind. You’ll feel in control and like you have a grasp on your day. For me, my day starts up at around 5:30 AM. If I sleep any longer than that, I start to get a little sluggish or like everything is not in place.


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Truth be told, no one actually likes this tip and you’re most likely going to skip it. But, a 2008 study showed that cold showers activates the nervous system and increase your endorphin levels. It’s basically a natural shot of espresso.


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A Harvard professor said that this is one of the biggest sources of happiness in a man’s life. Remember, your job is very important but you always have to make time for your family. Try to have a balanced life, work hard but also enjoy the people around you and appreciate your family.

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