7 Things She’ll NEVER Tell You She Wants

Posted on Feb 15,2019 in Relationship

Women are different breeds then us men. They work in an entirely different manner. For example, they won’t always tell you want she wants or wants on her mind. Instead she’ll want you to guess or figure it out on your own time. Well, this can be a big deal to us men, because we tend to misinterpret a lot of things. Well, I’ll make it easy on you. Here are 7 things your girl will never tell you she wants!

1.She Wants You to Workout

Women simply want their man to be presentable. They want them to be fit and in shape. This makes them feel as though they have the best guy in the world. If you are a slob and just play video games all day, you are in for some dark times my friend. Women want a man who drives toward success, and looks the part. Take control of your physical appearance and start getting your body in good shape!

2.She Wants You to Dress Well

When you dress well, women always notice. I truly can’t tell you how many times I have said that phrase to you guys, but it’s true! You girl wants you to look as though you have a good sense of fashion. They want to show you off! If all you wear is stained Hanes tank tops, you probably won’t even meet her parents. If you want to improve your fashion sense, go ahead and visit MVMT Watches. MVMT is one of my all-time favorite watch brands of all time.

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3.She Wants You to Smell Good

A quality fragrance truly goes a long way. Women want their man to be above every other guy in every situation possible, and smelling good is one of them. So, invest in a quality fragrance. Make sure that it’s a fragrance that sets you apart from the rest, but in a good way. You are the man at the end of the day, take initiative and start smelling good!

4.She Wants You to Be Ambitious

Women love it when they see drive in a man. This makes them feel safe and secure. In other words, if you are a very ambitious man, you can bet that whoever you are with is going to be eager to spend the rest of their life with you! Having a sense of drive gives you a purpose. IT just makes you feel good. So, find your passion and be ambitious and chasing towards your goals.

5.She Wants You to Man Up

This sort of goes hand in hand with being ambitious, however it is a bit different. A man is someone who takes ownership for their faults, someone who protects, loves, helps, and cares for those around him. A man is someone who women fall in love with. Some guys out there are just children, so it’s about time you reevaluate yourself and make sure you act more like a man.

6.She Wants You to Take Initiative

Taking initiative is another action that women just fall head over heels for. When they see their man drop everything and solve whatever issue is going on, it makes them feel amazing. This is because they feel comfortable with where they are at. They see a guy who takes initiative as an amazing husband, father, and way later down the line, grandfather. Be man who takes initiative, that’s it.

7.She Wants All of Your Attention

Women will never tell you this, but they want all of your attention on them. Women don’t necessarily want a guy who will buy them a bunch of stuff, instead they would rather have their attention. That seems to be one of the only things that matter to women. Obviously, a guy can only do so much. But make sure your girl feels loved and important at all times. This will ensure a healthy relationship.


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