7 Things You DO Every Day That Are Slowly Killing You

Posted on Jul 24,2018 in Lifestyle

Today, I wanted to share 7 things that you do in your daily life, that could probably kill you. If you want to know how to save your life, let’s hop into it.


Laziness will not only leave you broke, but can also kill you. An unsanitary lifestyle can increase your chances of catching a deadly diseases by 2-3 times. Anything from heart disease to cancer, can all be rooted from laziness, so all that swiping you’ve been doing, isn’t all that great.

2.Not Brushing Your Teeth

You probably think this is a joke but when you don’t brush your teeth, you start developing plaque. This can lead to tooth decay which then leads to gum disease. All of that because you decided not to spend 2 minutes to brush your teeth. While you think it’s harmless, oral care is super important. This is why I recommend the Elements Toothbrush by DazzlePro, something that I use everyday.

This isn’t just like every electric toothbrush, it changes it’s vibration patterns every 30 seconds. giving you the most effective brush you’ve ever got. Just so you know, your regular toothbrush does about 30,000 strokes per minute. Your regular toothbrush? You’d be lucky if you got 300 strokes per minute. It has 4 different options you can choose from depending on your teeth sensitivity and what you the most comfortable with. This is to make sure that your oral care is on point. It also comes with a sanitation station. So every time your done, just pop it into the compartment and it will get rid of all bacteria on the brush.

Of course, if you didn’t read my articles, you would paying a super high premium for this toothbrush, however since your apart of the TMF squad, you can get this brush for 45% off if you use code “tmfelements“. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, so get it while you can! Remember gentleman, you can’t cheat your health.


Isn’t it the best feeling to just shut off that pesky alarm clock and sleep through the morning. However, doing this consistently leads to higher depression levels, diabetes, weight gain and even impaired brain function.

4.Wearing Skin Tight Denim

Not only does this kill your style, but it kills you. There was a story of a woman wearing skin tight jeans and she was helping a friend move and since she was squatting a lot, she lost circulation in her legs and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now, imagine being a guy and how squeezed your “juevos” feel down there.

5. Tight Tie

You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers in your shirt collar, it should never be tight enough to the point, where blood pressure starts building up and can cause harm to your optic nerve and even cause glaucoma. Who would have thought? A tie can make you go blind.

6.Staying Indoors All The Time

Some guys are like vampires. avoiding sunlight and staying indoors causes Vitamin D deficiencies , which in turn lowers your testosterone levels, which results in a lowered sex drive. This can also lead to cancer, heart disease, weight gain and even depression.

7.Being Bored

Being bored and having nothing to do, is probably one of the worst things you can be. This lowers your heartbeat and makes it weak, which then makes it difficult for you heart to work in stressful situations. Exercise your heart and get it pumping. Next time, your bored, go out for a jog or do 50 push-ups, don’t be a couch potato.


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