7 Things You Should Do TO FEEL Better EVERYDAY

Posted on Jul 17,2018 in Lifestyle

1.Dress Better

This is why I created a channel around this stuff. Your exterior affects your interior, whether you like it or not. Whether it be casual or dressier, if it makes you look and feel good, then imagine replicating that feeling every single day. When you get rid of items that don’t fit you and don’t belong in your wardrobe then you’ll see the difference in your life.

2.Have A Morning Routine

This is SUPER important. Having a morning routine gives your life structure and something you can rely on. It makes you feel in control. One morning routine that is essential to me is cleaning my face. It’s the first thing people see and what you use to interact with others. So I always wash my face with my Tiege Hanley cleanser.

To save time, I always wash my face in the shower, becuase it’s less of a hassle and it’s much easier. If you haven’t heard of Tiege Hanley already, I suggest you just take the world of the hundreds of thousands of guys that have switched to it as their main facial cleanser. I’ve been using Tiege Hanley, for about 3 years now and plan to use it time and time again. It’s effects and products take out any competition and have so many men walking around with clear and glowing faces.

If you didn’t know, it’s a subscription box service that renews your facial supplies every month, so no need to go to the store every month to buy new cleanser. It’ll get delivered to your door when you need it, the box even comes with a manual that even tells you how much you need and where to apply. It couldn’t be a simpler process, and to keep your face in pristine condition, it’s a great deal. For limited time only, for first time users, if you click on this LINK, you’ll get 20% off your first box with code “TMFEVERYDAY” . This stuff works. I wouldn’t lie to you guys, if you’re suffering from a bad cleansing routine, sign up today!

3.Be Thankful

Don’t take anything you have for granted. Some day, you might look back at moments like this and regret not being thankful enough. Start loving the life that you live and be grateful for where you are in life.


I can’t tell you the amount of positivity exercising has brought to my life. There’s some days where I feel like crap, however right when I step into the gym, it’s the one hour that no one is bothering me and I just clear my head.

5.Just Go Out

Whether it be to the park or to a local cafe, go out and explore the world. For example, I have dogs and everyday I take them on 20 minute walk. It’s extremely refreshing and helps me make more rational desicions because of this little “re-fresher” that I just had. Overall, it declutters your mind.

6.Spend Time With Family & Friends

Studies show that being a part of a family and participating in activities with them is one of the biggest sources of happiness in someone’s life. Loneliness can lead to diabetes, heart attacks and even strokes. Some may even argue that social engagements can lead to a healthier lifestyle than exercising itself.

7. Touch People

Touching people can help you further connect with them. It can help receive stress and can even persuade people into doing what you want. Think about it, a handshake or a hug makes anyone feel good. Human interaction and touch is needed everyday to feel better, and that’s a fact.

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