7 Underwear Mistakes Every Guy Makes

Posted on Oct 29,2017 in Style

You’re probably wondering what type of mistakes you could be making with your underwear, well here are the 7 top underwear mistakes every guy makes.

Overly Tight Underwear

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Forget the painful pinching and the uncomfortable readjusting you have to do just to give your balls some air, well mostly if your underwear is from Tani’s. Your underwear should not be too tight at your waist or thighs, it should fit snuggly around both. The great thing is that if you’re wearing Tani underwear you will have extra room in the crotch area.

Performance Underwear

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I know that these probably feel great against the skin but this type of underwear is made with synthetic fabric that doesn’t breathe well. Natural fibers breathe a lot better and what synthetic fibers do is trap moisture, which will create the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to flourish and trust me you don’t want that.

Staying In Your Sweaty Underwear after the Gym

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We all know the feeling after coming home from an intense workout. You are tired and probably feel exhausted, so you get home and you delay the shower so you stay in your sweaty. That sweaty underwear is the perfect place for even more bacteria and fungus. The easiest way to solve this problem to not be gross and just take a shower as soon as you get home from the gym.

Not Spending Enough on Underwear

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Unlike women in our heads, it makes sense to not spend so much on something that no one else will see.  So, to use those cheap Walmart packets seem like an amazing deal but in reality, you are truly getting the short end of the stick. Just spending a little more on underwear can make the biggest difference. I personally believe that the best investment that you can make is on Tani underwear, their underwear uses the best Beachwood fibers that are the best on the market, once you try these out and feel the difference, you will never go back to cotton. With these you won’t have to worry about trapping heat and moisture down there, because of that you will never have to worry about chaffing or irritation.


You’re washing your Underwear Wrong

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That area of skin down there is very sensitive so washing your underwear with heavy detergents that are packed with perfumes and chemicals can lead to itchiness and rashes down there. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, they recommend that you wash your underwear with hypoallergenic detergent to prevent rashes.

Re-wearing Old Underwear

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Please, don’t wear your dirty underwear more than once. I read somewhere that a used dirty pair of underwear can contain from .1 to 1 gram of feces. So when you wear your underwear again just think how you are wearing feces.

Going Commando

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I really don’t understand why you would do this. Why do you want your balls just going everywhere and the real issue comes when you wear a harsh fabric like denim. Please, guys, do yourself a favor and wear underwear.