8 Affordable Brands for Men That Won’t Break The Bank

Posted on Jan 09,2019 in Style


You heard me correctly, Target. The clothes from Target are actually pretty good quality for the low price that you pay. They have a brand called The Good Fellow & Co that I have actually worn myself. It supplies you with a fashionable look at a very low cost. Not to mention, you can do your grocery shopping while you shop for clothes, what’s better than that?


If you have ever heard of this brand you know that they have some of the best deals in the whole game. Uniqlo is one of those fast fashion stores, and they essentially compete against places such as Zara and H&M. However, I like Uniqlo a lot. You could walk in there with just $100 and put together about 3-4 amazing looking outfits! It is definitely a store to check out.


Everybody knows H&M. They are known for their amazing prices and their fashion pieces. I don’t mind H&M, and for some of us out there it’s one of those stores that we have to shop at because we can’t afford anything else. However, H&M quality isn’t the best. Sure, the clothes are cheap but the materials used are also pretty cheap. But, I have nothing against them, they offer affordable clothes and that’s the purpose of this article.

4.Vincero Watches

We have discussed a lot about clothes, but not so much about accessories. You guys know how much I stress the fact that you wear a watch, so let me introduce you guys to Vincero Watches. Vincero sells some of the best watches in the entire market. Watches make you go from unstylish, to stylish in seconds. But, Vincero watches makes you look incredible! It is truly crazy how well made their watches are! They have over 12,000 Positive feedback reviews from people just like you. I absolutely love them. Go check out Vincero Watches and use code “TMF” for a special discount!



Zara is essentially a step up from H&M and Uniqlo. They have higher prices than those two other stores, but offer a little better quality of clothing. They are for the higher end gentlemen who can afford to splurge a little bit more than others. But, if you shop correctly and buy essential pieces, this store is definitely an affordable one. They have amazing quality jeans, jackets, shirts, & everything else.


This is probably one of the cheapest brands on this list. They sell different brands on this website, but for insanely cheap! I remember I was looking at their store the other day and found a nice pair of Chelsea boots for like $20! I was shocked. They are definitely a website/brand to look at if you want to shop on a budget.

7.Top Man

This is one of those brands that are fast fashion, but also have a high-end look to them. Their prices are definitely not the cheapest on this list, but their quality is pretty good for what you pay. They are competitors with Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo. These four brands all offer good clothes for cheap, but if I were to pick one I’d probably go with Top Man. Their quality is a little better than their competitors.

8.J Crew

This brand is just timeless. J Crew has been around for a while now and we all know the name. They are notorious for offering amazing quality clothing items at a reasonable price point. I personally love J Crew and wear their clothes all the time. They are definitely a store that you guys should check out the next time you go shopping.