8 Clothing Items Men Wear That Drive Women WILD

Posted on Jan 25,2018 in Style


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Studies show that if a man wears red, he appears more attractive and high-status. So the fact that she thinks you have money and the sexual attraction, make sure you’re wearing more red!


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Find a pair of well fitting pants…that make your butt look good. If you’re thinking “Ew! Girls don’t check out my butt!” Don’t believe me? Ask them. I know it sounds feminine, but crucify the messenger. I’m just here to relay the message to you.


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Glasses make you look mysterious and give you a bad boy vibe. They also help structure your face. On top of that, if you buy some luxurious glasses from 9Five, they also make you look high status. If you want some super stylish, sexy frames, I suggest you check out 9Five.

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I first heard about these guys on the GQ TV show “Most Expensivest S**t” and they were showing their $48,000 glasses. They basically make luxury frames for guys, that aren’t expensive at all. However, the glasses do look expensive. By the way, it’s real gold. They’re stainless steal that are dipped in real gold. I talked to the guys over at 9Five, and even though these glasses are cheap at full price, I still wanted them to be cheaper so use code “TMF” for a serious discount.


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What scent are women attracted to the most? It’s you, it’s your own personal manly scent. Women can smell out a hunk from a mile away.


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When a girl gives you a look, don’t just look away quickly. Give her a little stare, not too long where it’s creepy and not too short where it looks like you lack confidence. I’m telling you right now, if you do it correctly, you’re going to send butterflies through her stomach.


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Begin charismatic is one of the sexiest things you can do and it’s 100% free! You need to socialize more, the more you do it, the more the charisma kicks in.


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There’s something that girls love and it’s messy bed head. If you want to achieve this look throughout the day, my tip is grab a blowdryer, and start drying it at different directions, it’s going to add volume and texture to give you that bed head look. Then grab a matte product and start working it in all over the place with no direction whatsoever.


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Sadly, women do care about your status and your wallet. However, it’s all about presentation. You can present yourself as high status without being it. For example, like wearing a nice watch or quality frames. All these little aspects elevate your presentation and make you look more expensive than you really are.