8 DIY Clothes Life Hacks to Look Better!

Posted on Mar 11,2018 in Lifestyle


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We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready in the morning and put on deodorant. Everything seems fine and then a couple of minutes later, you notice these white marks on your t-shirt. I already know the feeling, it’s like your whole outfit is ruined. But you don’t have to worry anymore! Grab a make-up or baby wipe, even a dryer sheet, something that won’t damage the shirt and go to town! Instantly, you’ll notice these white marks are going to disappear.


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These might seem a bit weird, however if you have a girlfriend or a wife, this might work. Grab one of her panty-liners and place it on the bottom of your shoe. It’s going to absorb all of your sweat to make sure you don’t stink up your shoe or feet.


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This is a simple hack that most guys NEED to know about. A lot of the times, I’ll see guys with a formal watch in a casual setting. But, I get it, some people only have one watch and they wear it everywhere. Some would say to buy another one, however it’s not necessary. All you have to do is buy more watch straps! Just like that, a simple switch will make your watch look completely different.

That’s a big part of why I love Vincero. Not only are their watches versatile as is, but they all have interchangeable straps to give you that extra option. This is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on another watch. For example, Vincero recently released their all black model that stood out to me the most. I then purchase the watch, but realize that even though it’s a incredible watch piece, it’s not fit for all occasions.

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With a simple purchase of extra straps that are easily found on their website, you can literally have a whole collection with just ONE watch. Believe me when I say this but the straps are made out of a very high quality leather. I can speak from expirience that Vincero uses nothing but durable and quality materials. None of their products feel cheap and that’s something I would vouch for. Now, let’s talk pricing, as of right now without a sale, the Vincero watch is affordable, however I want to look out for you guys. I know we always want the best deal, so I talked to my friend over at Vincero and they gave you guys a great deal! So, at check-out use code “TMF” for a special discount. I promise you guys won’t regret it.


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This is more geared for people to travel a lot or if you have an upcoming trip, this will be helpful for you. Many times when we arrive at our destination, we find ourselves scrambling for clothes and figuring out an outfit. I don’t want this to be a problem for you guys anymore. Instead, we your packing place your clothes in a cross formation with your underwear and socks in the middle and fold it over.

Once you do that, just roll up your clothes in a burrito shape. This way, you’re going to spend no time looking for different clothes and garments. You’ll have the whole outfit ready to go.


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Shoe trees can get extremely expensive and I’ve had my fair share of those too. On the other hand, buying leather shoes that are too tight or too small can be frustrating due to how uncomfortable they are. But don’t worry, instead of buying an expensive shoe tree, just fill up a zip-lock bag with water and place it in your shoe. Once you’ve done that, place your shoe in the freezer. When water freezes, it expands and the leather won’t be as tight as before.


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How many times do you look in your closet and just realize how much of a mess it is. But, I realize you can’t just buy more closet space. To many of us, it’s limited so we got to make the best out of it. So, take a soda can tab and use that to stack garments without having to take any rack space.


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I’m a big supporter for under-shirts, but I get it, times could be tough and you don’t want to spend money on a under-shirt. Just go to your girls cabinet and snag one of her panty liners again. If you sweat profusely, just line your armpits in your shirt. These liners are designed to absorb sweat so if you don’t want those ugly sweat stains under your shirt, I recommend you try out this method. Don’t worry…they’re completely unnoticeable.


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If for some reason, your pants no longer fit, you can either use a key ring or hair tie to close your pants. Remember, this is the last resort, I would first recommend you either size up or start hitting the gym to loose that extra gut. However, if you have to wear those pants, use this tip and they won’t un-hook or fall off throughout the day.

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