8 Fall Fashion Rules Every Man Should Follow

Posted on Nov 08,2018 in Style

Fall and Winter are right around the corner and this when everyone tends to look super stylish. There are certain tweaks to your clothing that will make you a lot more prepared for these seasons. Along with this, there are rules you should follow when entering these seasons. Here are 8 fashion rules every man should follow for these upcoming seasons.

1.Waterproof Your Clothing

Within the Fall and Winter seasons, your shoes and clothes tend to have a hard time staying dry. This is due to the increase in rain and snow that these seasons cause. A hack you can do to make sure your sneakers stay waterproof is by taking a candle, and then rubbing it on your canvas sneaker, then melting it in with a blow-dryer. The heat from the blow-dryer will make sure the wax from the candle settles in the material perfectly, making your sneakers waterproof. This is just a DIY hack. If you want to waterproof your jackets or shoes in a simpler way, there are waterproof sprays that you can buy online or in specific stores that will actually make your clothing waterproof. This is crucial for the fall and winter seasons.

2.Lose The Bright Colors

Usually during the fall and winter seasons, you’re going to want to implement muted colors into your outfits, rather than wearing bright colors. Wearing darker, muted colors allows you to stay in style, but it also keeps you warmer, because dark shades hold heat rather than bright colors do. So, stay warm and stylish and stick to wearing muted colors, it’s the way to go.

3.Keep The Sleeves On

You are going to have to stop wearing the sleeveless shirts guys, sorry. During the colder seasons, wearing sleeveless shirts just looks off. Bring out the long sleeve pieces that will serve the purpose of keeping you warm. During these seasons, I always like to switch out my short sleeve polo shirts, for a long sleeve polo shirt. My favorite long sleeve polo comes from our sponsor, Mack Weldon. This polo also has buttoned sleeves, so you can easily roll it up as the temperatures fluctuate throughout the day.

The quality in this polo is ridiculous, it has become my favorite dressy but also casual clothing piece. Mack Weldon doesn’t stop at polo’s, they have everything you’ll need for the fall and winter seasons. They make smartly designed clothes, with premium fabrics, which is what I’ve been preaching to you guys all along. Do yourself a favor and go check out their amazing clothing, especially their long sleeve polo. Use code “TMF” at checkout to get 20% off your first order!

4.Invest In Versatile Outer Wear

Guys, you don’t need 30 different jackets to look good during the cold seasons, instead you’re going to want around 3-4 core pieces that will be versatile and match many different outfits. For example, the denim jacket is a super versatile, but stylish piece to have in your closet. It is perfect for layering and adding a next level look to your boring outfit.

5.Use The Right Accessories

During the fall and winter seasons, your wrists and arms aren’t going to be visible much. But, this doesn’t mean you’re going to stop wearing accessories completely. There are still ways to properly accessorize during these seasons, so you can provide a functional flow throughout your outfit. For example, if you know you’re going to be layering, wear a thin watch instead of a bulkier one. Essentially, you just want to balance your accessories out and never overdo it with the specific outfit you have on.

6.Choose The Right Fabric

You are going to want to wear proper fabrics that are perfect at insulating heat properly, so that you’ll stay warm. So, remove light cottons and wool and dress yourself in insulated fabrics. Mack Weldon does this very well within all of their clothing, so I suggest you go check out their selection of pieces. I promise, Mack Weldon will give you a ton of versatile, yet amazing quality clothing pieces that you can implement within your outfits. Don’t forget the code “TMF” for 20% off your first order at checkout.

7.Wear Appropriate Shoes

These colder seasons is definitely not a time where you are going to be wanting to wear a lot of knit shoes, anything canvas, or open weaved, such as ultra-boosts, vapor maxes, and converse. These shoes won’t do a very good job at keeping your feet warm. You are going to want to wear chunkier, leather sneakers. These will look a lot better and make your feet feel warm during the cold seasons. Your best option is to get some boots, they look amazing and will give you a few inches of height, which is always good.

8.Don’t Forget Your Grooming

During the fall and winter seasons, the air is a lot dryer and colder, meaning your skin is going to get dry and your lips will get dry and cracked. So, you need to pay close attention to your grooming routine during these seasons. Keep yourself moisturized and always fight against the dry and cracked skin that the cold seasons cause. Also, keep a stick of chap stick on you at all times.