8 Grooming hacks that are complete lie

Posted on Jan 27,2019 in Grooming

There are so many lies about grooming that are being fed to you guys. I need to put a stop to this madness and fill you in on the truth. That’s what I do at the end of the day, help you guys become studs! I tried these hacks and realized they didn’t work and was like “Wow, I got lied to” and I don’t want that happening to you! Here are 8 grooming “Hacks” that are complete lies!

1.Using Toothpaste To Remove Hair

I have seen this trick in a lot of DIY videos across the YouTube platform. Guess what? I tried this and it didn’t work. This trick alone tells us one thing: we need to stop believing everything we see on the internet. Most of the stuff we see is fake. Lucky for you, I only preach the TRUTH!

2.Undershirts Stop Yellow Pit stains

This is absolutely not true. Undershirts will cause you to be more hygienic and it will actually cause the sweat to not seep into your dress shirt. However, your yellow pit stains are caused from your deodorant. If you want to get rid of these gross stains, change your deodorant to a natural based deodorant without aluminum.

3.Suds Doesn’t Mean Clean

When it comes to cleansers, many people think more suds means it works better. Well, suds are just a sign that it fights away grease. When you see a lot of suds it is actually a bad thing. This means it is stripping your skin of all of its natural grease and oil, which isn’t good. I only trust gentle cleansers. Tiege Hanley is my go to for skin care.

They have the best products, and they actually work at making your skin look amazing! Tiege Hanley’s products are the best of the best. Their cleanser doesn’t overly strip your face, but it makes it healthier! Go check out Tiege Hanley, they have an amazing subscription based system. I use it, you should too.

4.Pictures = Better Hair Cut

This is false. When you take pictures to a barber shop and show the barber what you want, it doesn’t always mean your hair will turn out like that. I actually used to do this, but it doesn’t work. So many guys are stuck with bad barbers without even realizing it. You need to find a good barber and roll with it.

5.Toothpaste Fights Zits?

I have seen so many videos that say toothpaste fights against zits. Well, this is false. Toothpaste doesn’t get rid of your zits. I used to actually recommend this, but it isn’t safe. It was made for your teeth not your skin, so it just dries out your skin completely. Overtime, your face will be a huge dry patch! You don’t want that. Tiege Hanley is your answer to getting rid of zits.

6.More Fragrance Attracts More Girls

This is a lie. Less is more. When you have a fragrance on, you want it to be light. This will actually draw girls into you, because they want to know where that amazing smell is coming from. When you saturate yourself in cologne, you smell gross? It is overpowering and no one will want to stand by you.

7.Wash Your Hair 2-3 Times A Week

This is sort of true, if your hair is dry and should only be washed a few times a week you are all good. However, I have received emails from many of my followers that have super oily hair, that needs shampooed a lot more frequent. If you do have insanely oily hair you can ash your hair every day, just make sure your conditioning it afterwards.

8.Using Hand Lotion As A Conditioner

This is another hack that I have heard and actually have done a few times. It isn’t the best route to go. I would only recommend this in desperate situations. Remember, hand lotion was made for your hands and conditioner was made for your hair. They were made this way for a reason. So, if you think this is good to do, just don’t do it.


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