8 Men’s Grooming Hacks Every Guy Should Know

Posted on Jul 12,2018 in Grooming

Gentlemen! Welcome back to your one and only hack guru. I noticed I write a lot of hacks regarding fashion and the gym, but never talk about grooming. So that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today. 8 grooming hacks every man should know, let’s begin!

1.Dry Shampoo

It’s summer boys, your sweat glands are going overload and your hair gets extremely oily. Although, I don’t advise of putting on shampoo every single day. Take another route and apply dry shampoo whenever your hair gets oily. This ensures fresh hair, all day.

2.Using Lotion as Hair Product

Let’s say your traveling and when you get to the hotel and realize that you forgot your hair product. Not a problem! Simply apply hand lotion (most hotels already have this) and use that as your hair styling cream. It will have a light hold but also does a great job of getting rid of frizz and fly-away hairs.

3.No Shaving Cream=Conditioner

Let’s say your in the same situation and you have no shaving cream. Go to the shower and grab your hair conditioner and apply that to your face. It does a great job of softening the hair on your face, letting the razor smoothly glide, making sure you get  a sharp shave. But let’s be honest here, you really shouldn’t be running out of shave cream if you just subscribed to the Dollar Shave Club.

If you’ve never tried them out, I highly recommend you try out their “Trial Kit”. For only $5, including shipping, you’re going to get their:

-Executive Razor

-1 Month Supply of Razors

– Shave Butter

-Butt Wipes

-Body Cleanser

After the initial $5, it’s only a couple bucks a month to replace you razors so what are you waiting for? Sign up for Dollar Shave Club today!

4.Facial Wipes on Oily Skin

For me, I only need to be outside like 10 minutes, before I start reflecting the sun’s rays off my forehead. My “T-Zone” (area around forehead and down your nose) gets so bad that I always carry facial wipes with me to clear off all the oil and to make sure my face looks clean.

5.The Nail Clipper Trimmer

If you don’t own a beard trimmer, firstly you should probably get one. However, whatever the case might be, whether you can’t afford one or it’s just not available to you. Use a nail clipper of scissors instead to trim your un-kept beard, if it’s your only option, they it gets the job done!

6. The Blister Hack

Who else hates buying new pairs of shoes and by the end of the day, you have a bunch of blisters on the back of your foot. Simply, just get your deodorant stick and rub it against your heel. That’s going to lubricate your skin, causing your skin to easily slide around without any friction.

7. Getting Rid of Dead Skin on Lips

Let’s say that you got a date coming up and your lips are chopped. Grab your toothbrush and “brush” your lips until all dead skin falls off. Just like that, you’re going to have soft lips.

8. Save Your Clothes With Vodka

Ever have those shirts that always smell no matter how much wash them. Grab a bottle of vodka and put it into a spray bottle. Once you’ve done that, spray all the areas that smell, the alcohol will neutralize the smell and once you wash it again, your shirt will go back to smelling normal.

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