8 Personal Hygiene Rules You Break Everyday

Posted on Nov 10,2018 in Grooming

Guys, we are always breaking rules when it comes to hygiene. Probably even 20 or so a day. But, I want to focus in on the most important hygiene rules that we break and make you more aware of them. Your hygiene is super important, so you should always be focused on it. So, here are 8 personal hygiene rules you break every day.

1.Covering Your Mouth With Your Hand

You typically cover your mouth with your hand when you are either sneezing, yawning, or coughing. When you do this, you transmit all of those nasty, infectious germs from your face to your mouth, along with the germs on your hand. This is just a super unhealthy thing to do. Instead, turn to the inside of your arm when you have to sneeze, yawn, or cough.

2.Picking Your Nose

Picking your nose in public is bad manners, but it’s also just super disgusting to do. So, don’t do it. Not to mention, your fingers are filled with infectious bacteria’s that can then infect your nose. This will then lead to a whole bunch of issues you don’t want. So, blow your nose into a tissue and do yourself a favor.

3.Replace Your Toothbrush Frequently

You need to replace your tooth brush around every 2 to 3 months. After this time period, your toothbrush bristles get so worn out they won’t do the job they were meant to do. Also, your toothbrush will be so gross and bacteria filled after 2-3 months that it will just make your mouth dirty. Our sponsor, Dazzle Pro, sells a toothbrush called the Elements Sonic Toothbrush.

I use it every day and it works amazing! When you have an electric toothbrush like the one from Dazzle Pro, you just replace the head of it, so it’s easy to replace. Also, an electric toothbrush is easily 10x more effective than a normal. This toothbrush also has a disinfecting dock that you put it in after every use, that kills the germs off of your toothbrush. It’s crazy how innovative this toothbrush really is, I absolutely love it. So, go get the Elements Sonic Toothbrush from Dazzle Pro and use our code ‘tmfelements’ for 45% off!

4.Biting Your Nails

This is a big habit for a lot of people. People do this due to stress or an emotional trigger of some sort, but it’s just very unhealthy. When you bite your nails you completely ruin your nail beds, and just spread germs all throughout your mouth. So, keep your nails short so you don’t feel the need of biting them. Boom, problem solved.

5.Cleaning Your Ears With Cotton Swabs

Doctors have been advising everyone for years to not do this. When you use a cotton swab to clean your ears, you end up pushing all of that ear wax to back of your ears. Some people have had it so severe, that they completely clog their ear canals with wax, so don’t be them. Stop now and stick to cleaning them in the shower by letting the water run in your ears. Focus on cleaning the outside of the ear and using the warm water to break down the wax.

6.Not Washing Your Hands After Using The Restroom

I know you’ve witnessed this before. But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone at a restaurant or in a public bathroom, use the toilet or urinal and then just walk out the door. That is just disgusting. There are so many germs in the restroom, let alone you’re touching so many things in there. So, stay clean and always wash your hands. You’ll support a good immune system and just be clean.

7.Don’t Exfoliate Everyday

After you exfoliate your face for the first time, you are going to fall in love. This will then make you want to exfoliate every day to get that cool, fresh feeling. But, you can’t do this. If you do it every day, it weakens your skin and will cause your skin to wrinkle and cause more acne to appear. Just stick to exfoliating your face around 2 times a week, that’s what doctors recommend.

8.Don’t Use Too Much Toothpaste

The more toothpaste you use, doesn’t mean more cleaning power. As an adult, you should only use a pea size amount of toothpaste. This will cause the toothpaste to be evenly spread throughout every area of your mouth, where a huge glob of toothpaste wont do that. Also, using an electric toothbrush will make your mouth a heck of a lot cleaner than a regular one as previously mentioned.


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