8 Reasons HAIRY Men Are More Attractive

Posted on Oct 12,2018 in Lifestyle

There is no shame walking around clean cut. But, women do love a little bit of body hair. It just a fact. Think about this, guys. Why would you just shave all of your masculinity away? There’s actually some science behind why hairy men are more attractive to women. Here are 8 reasons to justify this claim. Let’s hop into this.

1.Hair Makes You Look Like A Sexual Machine

Hair growth for us men is linked to a very important hormone, testosterone. This hormone is responsible for a man’s deep voice, bone structure, muscular structure, sex drive, and yes, hair! Hair on your body just signals to women that you are a manly guy. With hair, comes the many other testosterone driven characteristics as mentioned before. Women will see this manliness in you and just get excited. This will just make a female want to jump on you and experience intimate moments, rather than if you were a clean shaved, baby faced guy. It’s science.

2.Hair Makes You Look Confident

When you grow your hair out a little bit, it just shows you don’t care about what the current hair trends are, but instead you’re setting your own path. Growing out your hair lets everyone know that you’re confident in yourself and you love to embrace your God given beauty. Body hair is art, let it show!

3.Hair Protects You From The Environment

Hair follicles are very rich in stem cells, which have the bodily job of healing and renewing your skin. So, if you think about it, having a lot of hair, equals a lot more follicles, which will ultimately renew your skin. This will make your skin heal a lot faster from cuts and bruises rather than someone who is cleanly shaved. Not only will you look amazing with the hair you have, but it will also have its health benefits as well. Knowing that just makes you want to keep and maintain your body hair, right? Yes!

4.Hair Looks Masculine

Research shows that 54% of women prefer a dominant, masculine male, that has a beard. This just shows women how masculine you are. It shows off your high levels of testosterone and manliness. Having facial hair also shows that your abrasive and you don’t fear working with your hands. But, if you choose to actually grow out your facial hair and you can’t let it go out of hand or look messy, this is why I always stress the fact that you just manscape your hair. This is why you need to have an amazing trimmer. Our sponsor Brio, has one of the best trimmers to tackle all of your body hair mess! Brio’s trimmer, The Beardscape, is what I recommend the TMF family gets.

It uses a ceramic blade, which other trimmers don’t use. A ceramic blade gives you one of the closest, most precise cuts you’ll ever experience. You need this trimmer in your routine guys, it’s a necessity. Brio is giving the TMF family a special deal on The Beardscape, go check them out and see their amazing products!

5.Body Hair Equals Intelligence?

There have been several studies that have made the claim that having a hairy chest is linked to being intelligent. People within fields that require an increased amount of intelligence, such as doctors, were mostly seen with hairy chests. Is this just a coincidence, maybe? Who really knows. But, it’s still a cool fact to think about.

6.Growing Out Your Hair Is For A Good Cause

Guys, November is just around the corner so if you are wanting to grow out your hair, now is the best time. During the month of November, men grow out their hair as a sign of awareness towards prostate and testicular cancer. So, not only will you embrace your natural body, but you’ll be helping a good cause. Give it shot and keep in mind all of the people who have been harmfully effected by these diseases.

7.Hair Is Perfect For Cuddling

I’ve told you this over and over guys, women love the feeling of a soft beard that they can caress and feel against their lips. It just makes a sexual moment a lot better, trust me. Also, having a nice and fuzzy chest is always a plus. Women love to lay their head on them, it just makes them feel protected and comfortable with you. It’s cuffing season guys, women are looking for that “Netflix & Chill” partner more than any other time of the year. Give it a shot and let your hair grow out.

8.Your Pocket Rocket Will Look Like A Plucked Turkey

This might sound a little weird. But, if you choose to shave off all of your hair downstairs, your manhood won’t look so good. It will turn your manly, sexual machine into a plucked turkey. Don’t shave it all of down there, let a little bit of hair show. It just makes your manhood show off and adds to your manliness. Shaving everything just makes it look like a naked turkey, as I said previously.


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