8 SECRETS That Will Make You A Genius At School

Posted on Jul 30,2018 in Lifestyle

I’m sorry to say this but it’s almost back to school season. I know, I know everyone hates it but I want to make sure that you kill it this year. Today, I’m going to be showing you 8 secret hacks you could be doing to be a genius at school.

1.Play Video Games

You probably didn’t see this coming, however, everything in moderation. Excess or an addiction of anything will never be a good thing. Indulging in a pass time activity like playing video games has been proven to increase your cognitive abilities and even problem solving skills. Two things you’re going to need to kill it at school.

2.The Mozart Effect

This states that listening to music as you study can actually help you focus. This comes from an outdated theory that states playing music for babies would make them grow up smart. There’s been numerous doctors that state music activates both sides of the brain and helps with memory and creativity. Whether this works or not, it all depends on the individual person, so it’s worth the shot.

3.Get A Stylish Backpack

Even if you’re a freshman, don’t be known as the kid with the freshman backpack. You’re not going hiking anywhere, there’s no need for overpacking, keep it sleek and professional. Lockers are overrated so there’s no need for that either, and in some schools like mine you had to pay for them in the beginning of the year. The best thing you can do is start searching the web and tag items that you like. So you create a wish list and know exactly what you need to buy. The best way to do this is through ShopTagr.

It’s a free add-on for your computer that allows you to tag different items on the internet and get notified when the price changed or when your size restocks. I use this everyday when looking for pieces that I forgot about 2-3 months ago and when the price drops 50%, ShopTagr lets me know. So, if you want to shop smart this school year, make sure to download it today!


Yes, I know, I was in school too and hated this. However, they can be very helpful. Most of them have the most important points to your chapter so only write down what matter not the extra fluff. Use these tools to your advantage.

5. Chew On Peppermint Gum

As you study, chew on peppermint gum as it’s going to help you focus and pay attention. Theory says that you should also chew on peppermint gum while your taking the test as well for an extra boost of memory.

6.Use Google Scholar

Google is great for quick searches and answers. However, if you want to write a paper that’s going to impress all of your professors, you should use Google Scholar. This is where you’re going to find much more reliable articles than Wikipedia.

7.Use Google Translate

When you write papers or do homework, your grammar and spelling is very important. Therefore, put your essay into Google Translate and have it read it back to you. When you hear it back, you’ll hear how poorly or strongly your essay was written and be able to fix it before you turn it in.

8.Use Control+F

Whenevr you want to find a specific word or phrase, Control+F will help you find that in a heartbeat. It will show you all the times, the phrased you look up is in the article. This is a great way to avoid wasted time and cutting right to the chase.

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