8 Thing No One Ever Told You About Your Hair

Posted on Oct 04,2018 in Lifestyle

You guys already know I love to educate you on things you might be unaware of. I do this, because I want you to know how to step up your game in all aspects. Whether its involving physical feature or outfit mistakes, I want the TMF family to be educated. However, today we’re going to be discussing hair. Here are eight things no one ever told you about your hair!

1.Your Body Doesn’t Prioritize Your Hair

Since your hair isn’t a vital organ or tissue, it doesn’t supply it with all the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. Your body simply doesn’t prioritize your hair and give it all of the natural supplements that it needs. This can be a big challenge if you want luscious hair, because it’s not always going to come naturally. You need to take care of your just like the rest of your body. Prioritize it and supply it with products that will strengthen it and make it look and feel amazing.

2.Hair Is Made Up Of Keratin

You may or may not have heard this before. Keratin is simply a protein that makes up the strands of your hair. This is the same exact protein that makeup animals’ claws, horns, feathers, etc. This is why hair blowouts and certain keratin treatments are actually very good for your hair.

3.Applying Heat Makes Your Hair Manageable

Guys, I’m pretty sure your fathers didn’t tell you that applying heat to your hair makes it a lot more manageable and sexy. If he did, your dad is a genius and deserves an award but if he didn’t, listen to this. Vanity Planet is a company that has created the most innovative hair styling tool on the market. They sell a product called “The Flow”.

This is a ceramic straightening brush that will turn your hair from messy and dull, to vibrant and sexy, instantly! The bristles on the brush actually heat up. While you brush your hair, it actually somewhat straightens and amplifies your hair, making it look irresistible. They have a 50% code just for the TMF family so you can have the hair you’ve always wanted. Use the code “tmfflow” at checkout and get this amazing offer. Go check them out, you’ll thank me later.

4.Your Hair Is Dead!

Yep, you read that right. Your hair is actually dead. This is why it’s so important to take care of your hair. A few things you should do are treat your hair as needed and make occasional visits to the barber shop so you can get the ends of your hair cut. The ends of your hair are actually the most damaged due to the heat and chemicals that they are introduced to on a weekly basis. So, get rid of these split ends and keep your hair as healthy as possible.

5.Hair Brushes Can Save Time

This might sound a little weird. You might even be asking, “how can a hairbrush save time?” Well, they can! Make sure your hairbrush is a ceramic based brush. Ceramic brushes actually retain moisture and dry your hair up to 10x faster than basic plastic brushes. As mentioned previously, our sponsor Vanity Planet has you covered. Go check out their brush, “The Flow”. This brush will save you time and give you dry hair so much faster than a normal brush.

6.Brushing Your Hair Distributes Oils

When you brush your hair on a daily basis, it actually works in your favor. This action causes the oils in your hair to be distributed to every area of your scalp. This strengthens your hair behind the scenes when you aren’t event realizing it. Brushing your hair every day also allows you to get maximum volume and gets rid of any clumps of oil that will make your hair look gross and greasy. So, brush your hair daily. It’s essential if you want amazing looking hair in the long term.

7.Natural Hair Growth Isn’t Much

Your hair grows around half an inch to an inch every month. At the end of the day, this really isn’t that much. So, for those of you trying to grow your hair out, expect to wait a while. Be patient and let your hair do its thing naturally. You’ll have that luscious, long hair is due time, don’t worry!

8.No More Fly Aways

Fly Aways are just the bits of hair that tend to stick up when you don’t want them to. It makes your beautiful, slicked back hair into a mess. It just throws off an amazing hair style. A trick to making sure this problem won’t intrude on your hair style, spray a little hair spray on your hairbrush. This will make your hair cling to each other and make your hair “fly away” resistant.


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