8 Things THAT INSTANTLY Make You Less HOT!

Posted on Sep 29,2018 in Lifestyle

Listen men, you could be a 10/10 stud, but if you do any of the following 8 things you’ll instantly be less of a stud. If you’re below average and don’t think your attractive you definitely don’t want to do any of these. So, listen up, pay attention, and take some notes. Here are 8 things that instantly make you less hot!

1.Being Bossy & Aggressive

Being a dominant man is something that most women want, however, some men take this to the absolute extreme. You can’t just boss a woman around guys, come on were in 2018 now you should know this. If you’re with a female and she wants to do something their certain way or doesn’t want to do something at all, you can’t be the type a “my way or the highway” type of guy. Women find this super unattractive.

2.Ungroomed Body Hair

You could be a 10/10 stud, but if your body looks like sasquatch, you’ll soon turn into the guy that she “thought” was the one. If your body looks like your covered in a mess of hair, it’s just a huge turn off to women. Don’t shave everything off, but you definitely need to maintain and trim your hair. Our sponsor, Manscaped, offers one of the best trimmers on the market, The Lawn Mower 2.0.

This should be in every man’s body care tool chest. It handles every inch of your body, and will give you the best shave you’ll ever have. Manscape wants to hook it up for you guys, use code “TMF20” at checkout for free shipping, 20% off, and a free gift! This product is a deal on its own, but with this discount, it’s a purchase you need to make.

3.Trying To “1 Up” Everyone

When you act like your trying to be better than everyone else, your ego tends to show. Along with this, you seem super annoying. I guarantee no one’s going to want to hang around you, and you’re not going to get that girl that you want. Be cool and humble.

4.Smelling Bad

Men, you need to use a good fragrance, you need to make sure your breathe is always on point, and you need to make sure you just smell good at all times! This is vital if you want to get the girl of your dreams. If you smell at all, shell just get turned off and no longer be interested in you. Manscape has all of the scents you’ll ever need to smell great and get the girl you want.

5.Chewing With Your Mouth Open

Doing this just makes you look disgusting, immature, and like you were raised by animals. Don’t do this guys. Eat with maturity, show her you were raised well. This will show her you are the guy material she wants.

6.Bragging About Your Money

Doing this isn’t cool. It just makes you look like a stuck-up prick. You won’t impress her by telling her how much your car is worth or how much you make. Be humble, that’s what girls like. They’ll see you can make a good living, but in a respectable way. Trust me, shell like your humbleness rather than your arrogance.

7.Awkward Facial Hair

Make sure your facial hair is well manscaped and lined up. If you have a super patchy beard that looks like a mess, no girl will find you attractive. If you look like you spend time making yourself look good, it says a lot to women. This will make them want you more than if you look like a slob.

8.Being A Bad Tipper

Don’t be a douche. If you’re out with your girl of interest, show her that you mean business. Make sure you tip well. This not only shows your girl that you are conscientious about your waiter, but it also makes you look respectable and mature. Everyone deserves to get treated well, be nice and tip well.  


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