8 Tricks To Make Getting Dressed EASIER and FASTER

Posted on Sep 29,2018 in Style

Getting dressed in the morning can be one of the most time-consuming activities that you’ll do in a given day. You’re probably going to just throw something on and hope you look good, or you’re just going to spend a bunch of time trying to put together an outfit just to look somewhat good. Here are 8 tricks you can do to make getting dressed easier and faster.

1.Start Snapping Selfies

When you take a picture of your outfits, you save them in your camera roll so you are guaranteed never to forget about them. When you just throw something on and walk out the door, you’ll forget about that outfit entirely. So, when you throw on an outfit you like, snap a selfie of It in the mirror, then create a separate album on your camera roll for these pictures. This will ensure you never forget about it.

2.Keep Some Accessories In Your Car

Most of the time you are in a big hurry in the morning, and sometimes you just have enough time to throw on some clothes and run out the door. Make sure you have some accessories in your car, so you can add to your outfit whenever you’d need it. Some accessories I personally keep in my car at all times are sunglasses, bracelets, and even a backup watch. Our sponsor, Rose Gold & Black, has some of the best accessories on the market.

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3.Work From The Ground Up

This simply means, start your outfits by picking out your shoes first. You can pick anywhere from an athletic sneaker to a dress shoe, and this will be a good starting point to a good outfit. Once you pick your shoes, you pretty much have the vibe of what your outfit is going to be. After you pick your shoes, the rest of the outfit will just fall into place.

4.Have A Handheld Steamer

Let’s be honest, nobody has time to iron their clothes anymore. You should make your life that much easier and invest in a handheld steamer. This will cut your time of making your clothes look freshly dry cleaned in half. It’s an essential product to have to make life easier and your mornings less stressful.

5.Buy Wrinkle Free Clothing

Buying clothes that are wrinkle free is just a huge time saver. If you have a few clothing pieces that are wrinkle free, you can just have these as a backup in case you don’t have time to take out your handheld steamer. Either way, your mornings got easier than ever before with these tricks.

6.Have A “Fail Safe” Combo

Everyone should have a few pieces in their closet that will always look good. If you select a few pieces that you know make you look good and always have these clean and ready to be worn, you’ll never stress about an outfit again. This outfit could just be a pair of white sneakers, dark jeans, and a black t shirt, but you’ll look amazing.

7.Preplan Your Outfit

There’s no better feeling than getting out of the shower and you already have an outfit planned for the day. The best time to plan your outfits is the night before. This will put your mind at ease and give you a good start to your day.

8.Own An EDC Tray

This is just an aesthetically pleasing basket that you can hold your daily essentials in. I like to put my car keys, wallet, phone, and whatever else id need for the next day. It makes your morning a lot easier going and less stressful. If you find yourself losing either your wallet, car keys, or your phone, you definitely need one of these on your nightstand so you can get rid of that stress in its entirety. You’ll thank me later.